Sunday, January 31, 2010

It (finally) Happened to Me

These photos have nothing to do with today.  These are from 28 months ago.  Why are they here?  First, they make me smile.  Second, I couldn't post without images ... keep reading, you'll find out why I have none from today.  Oh, and this is our cat, Ellie.

So today the sun came out.  That GLORIOUS sunshine.  All the way home from church Richard and I talked about how beautiful it was and how we couldn't wait to get outside with the girls.  While the temperature was still mid 30's to low 40's, it didn't feel as cold as it does when it is overcast ... or maybe it just didn't matter.  It was nice to be out and be refreshed by the light.  The girls grabbed their bikes and scooters and I grabbed my camera.  I got some wonderful images of them playing (of Richard FINALLY finishing taking Christmas lights out of the trees) and of Richard pushing Olivia on the swing and down the slide.  Olivia's joy was pure and it was uncontainable.  On her face was the grin of a little girl without a care or a need. Her face was the face of a little girl at peace with both a Momma and a Daddy to love on her and spend time with her.  As I captured the images I thought about how nice it was to have them.  How nice that Richard was home and not deployed or on TDY somewhere so that he could be there to experience those moments ... however, as it has happened to so many that I know, it has now happened to me.  My camera had some sort of meltdown or something and the proof of my day was gone.  I am heartbroken to say the least!  How could this happen?! Oh well.  I am posting anyway because I want to remember the wonderful, ordinary afternoon in the sun.  How often we take these moments for granted.  If Richard would have been home the last 7 years, rather than gone, I just might have taken them for granted, too.  

As I curled up with Hanson Ellis tonight  and read out loud a chapter of Mary Poppins Comes Back, I noticed how big she's gotten.  I remember so many nights of her curling up next to me and just how tiny she was.  I remember her little voice ... Where has the time gone?  We can't stop it or slow it down.  I am thankful I still have some years left with her under my wing.  And I'm thankful for the reminder that "they grow up fast."  When I grow weary of teaching yet another one to read or how to write their name or "when you add two to an even number you get the next even number..." I can remember that one day they, too, will be too big to curl up under my arm as I read to them.  They'll be too big all too soon.  I hope I soak as much up as I can before that time comes ... with or without the images captured by my camera.

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