Sunday, February 7, 2010


Richard left this morning for Florida.  We didn't go to church this morning because it would have been short of a disaster to try and get all the girls ready and out the door while Daddy packed and prepared to leave.  And then when we loaded up without him there would have been several meltdowns for sure, so we decided to just stay home for the morning.  The sun came out today.  That was helpful!  Everything always seems chipper when the sun is shining.  But still goodbyes are never fun.  

After Richard left I finished up a couple of loads of laundry and just piddled around the house while the girls played.  I'm never very  motivated right away when Richard leaves.  I do have bouts of motivation and find it refreshing to check off a couple of things on my never ending "to do list" at night while he's away, but as for the initial time of separation ... I just seem sort of directionless.  So after lunch I just sat down in the kitchen with Olivia and watched her zoom forward and backward on her little bike.  She is a funny little girl.  I love to see her trying out things and making herself laugh.  It always takes about a year after my children are born for me to really start developing a relationship with them based off of who they are, rather than off of their needs of me as their life support.  It is always fun to see their individual personalities come through and wonder what they'll be ... who'll they'll be ... what interests they'll have ... what strengths ... what dreams they'll have once they are grown.  The past 6 months I've really gotten to "know" Olivia.  She is yet another girl after her own heart, for sure!  She has a very deep voice and a daring character.  It is fun to spend time one on one with her, as well as observe her interacting with her sisters.   A little downtime with her this afternoon was just what I needed to get me through the goodbye.  

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