Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We live in a planned community made up of three developers.  Before the construction boom, the area of town where we live was considered "the sticks."  This area was really starting to take off before the boom went bust, so it is new and I believe will be up and coming one day, but for now it is still pretty woodsy and beautiful.  To get to our house, you have to drive way back in the community and up and down some pretty big hills.  Our house is on a hill and while our bedroom is on the main floor, we have a basement down below, so it seems like it is on the second level.  Why does this matter?  Well, it is very windy right now and when it is windy or raining, you notice how high up and how tucked away you are.  Other than the sound of C-130's flying overhead at night, it is the most peaceful sound to hear.  And after a crazy busy day of the girls and I cutting, drawing, copying, gluing, stringing, etc., it is all the more welcome a sound.
 Yes, today we finished up our Valentines ... Boot Camp style.  And as usual, nothing we do is ever simple.  I'm not sure how making Valentines go to be such a production, but it was and I'm glad we are finished!  It is always fun to make little treats for others, but I'll be honest, I couldn't wait to get it done and clean it all up.  And by the end, that box of 20 pre-made cards at CVS seemed like a much better choice than homemade.  Yes, another moment where I am hit head on with the realization that what used to be fun with one or two children, is now a WHOLE lot more work (and a lot more stress) with five.  I'm definitely looking forward to a government issued 800 mg Motrin, a long hot shower and curling up in bed to listen to the wind as I fall asleep.

Richard, I can't wait to see you tomorrow night.
Wish you were here to curl up with me.
I love you!

Some of the Valentines for loved ones by the girls ...

Heart crayons and a Valentine for my sweet nephews.  
I absolutely LOVE this paper!!

Patterson's Valentines for her friends.  So super proud of her hard work at just staying the course and finishing all of them.  Definitely an accomplishment for our little 110 with bees in her britches:).

handmade mini envelopes and necklaces (with scripture references on the back) 
by Hanson Ellis

cards by Kate for her MMO class

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