Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"She's a good girl, loves her Momma, loves Jesus, and America, too."
first line from Tom Petty's "Free Falling"

Whenever I hear the first line of that song, I immediately think of Hanson Ellis.
Happy birthday to my first born.  
What can I say?  I look at you and I literally think to myself, "weren't you just 4?!"  

You are the gentlest person I know.  
Gentleness is evident in your walk, in your handwriting and in your drawings. 

You are beautiful inside and out.  
You have a true heart for God and I love to hear you talk of His word. 

I am amazed at how independent you have become.  

It seems that the past 12 years have flown by, yet it seems like an eternity ago when I used to carry you to the grocery store late at night in your footed jammies
and watch you dance on the kitchen table to 'N Sync (nobody panic!!  they were cool back then and she was only 2:).)  

You impress me with your ability and desire to learn Chinese.  
You warm my heart with you smile.  
You make tears well up in my eyes when you sing and play your guitar for me.  

I love to see you care for your little sisters.  How blessed they are to have you!! 

I wonder what plans God has for you?  
I look forward to your life unfolding,
 yet I admit I am clinging on to each day left that I have with you under my wing.  
I remember when you turned 9 and I looked at your Daddy and said,
"Well, we've had her for as long as we will have her."
What a milestone that was!  

And now you are 12.  
How can this be?  

Oh, Hanson Ellis, you cannot imagine how much your Daddy and I love you.  

Our little left handed Georgia Peach who has been with us through it all.  
North Carolina, Georgia, Washington, California, North Carolina (again), Kansas and Georgia again.  

Peacetime and War.  

The birth of four little sisters.  

What a life you've lived thus far ... and it's only just begun.  

I hope your day is as amazing as you are.  

"Remember Who You Are," and from where your strength and hope comes.  
Never forget your favorite verse, John 17:17, and continue to dream.

Happy Birthday, Hanson Ellis.  
You're the greatest 12 year old I know!

Okay, I might have broken a blog record for number of photos on one post, but I just grabbed some out of a box and thought that they were perfect for today ... even the blurry ones.  Enjoy!

Look who's 3!

(above photo by Sherri Winstead Photography)

One of my FAVES!!!!!  Seattle ... ahhhhhh:)

gotta have a homeschool photo:)!!

HE and Patterson then (above) and now (below)

above two photos ... HE and Parker
below is one of Parker and me from this morning

I love you,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot ...

like Easter!
It wasn't intentional, and it is not my custom to decorate for Easter.  I'm not crafty.  There.  I've said it.  I have five girls.  I homeschool.  I have a blog AND I'M NOT CRAFTY.  Ahhhh.  I feel better now that that is out there.  Talk about coming out of the closet:).

Seriously, I love crafts and would love to be more creative.
It's just not my strength.
But I do try.

Kate is having an emotional conflict with Claritin.  I think it is driving her mad:)!  I will be switching to another allergy medicine tomorrow.  For today, I tried to ward off her never ending meltdowns by dying some beautiful eggs my sweet friend Liz surprised us with.  Liz has chickens.  I like Liz.  Kate enjoyed herself and her mood was great ... until it was over.  You know the saying, and it is true, nothing lasts forever!

our eggs before

our eggs after 
(kate looks pleased!)

munchkin had a snack and was confined during our little project time!!

kate made the baskets for the dining room table (above)
patterson put the days of the week in order (below)

my egg wreath has gotten some people's attention
(what's your opinion??? I don't think it is that bad!)

my egg/bird tree

more easter fun in school!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Again, I Repeat, I've Met My Match

Our little munchkin.
Smart as a whip.
Talks in sentences.
Sings "Deep and Wide" just short of 3,001 times a day.
Is always, always, ALWAYS up to something.
As I was clearing the table tonight she pulled a famous Olivia stunt.
The picture below says it all.
Lovely 19 month old handprint on my fanny.
And you know she giggled very heartily after "slapping" me:). 

Yes, I've met my match!
And I love her to infinity.

What Blogs Are Like

image 1649351789-0

Am I the only one who thinks scanning blogs are sort of like flipping through magazines in a much more glorified way?!

Here is an old cabinet I have my eye on.  I'm hoping to bring it home in April!  I discovered a new blog today via another blog I follow.  Here is the link   Go there and see what this cabinet could become.  (check the rachel ashwell entry)  While I'm not a romantic type decorator, I love the simplicity of what is pictured and would love to have one or two of the paintings shown, the box on the table and that leather chair.  I can totally picture myself in a crisp, banker stripe oxford and bootleg chinos, drinking a perfect cup of afternoon coffee chatting with Richard in that chair!  Ahhhhhhh ... okay, back to my real life.  Only 38 more minutes of break time before the madness of our second half of the day begins.


Friday, March 26, 2010

A Different Birthday Post

Today is/was Richard's birthday.  I've been collecting thoughts for a special post for him ... what I would say, the photos I would use, etc.  HOWEVER, life just sort of got in the way today and we were blessed to have neighbors BTODO (bring their own dinner over) and eat with us tonight ... so that post will just have to wait.

For now, I will say a final "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my wonderful.  You drive me crazy like no one else could, but I couldn't live without you ONE MINUTE.  I love you so much more than I know I've shown you, and I'm thankful God created you!

Here is the cake Hanson Ellis made for her Daddy ...

The Hambrick family "sharing the love!!"  Y'all are awesome:)!!!

Oh, and I'm the only one missing, so here is one of me from today (just for fun) ...

And then here is sweet Lucie ... the child who prompted a recent phone call to Momma with the words, "I have met my match!"coming from my lips.  LOVE her to death and despite my very, VERY best efforts ... she always looks like this.  Messy, busy and never, ever has time to have her picture taken:).

And finally all the girls made Richard birthday cards.  Patterson drew very girly balloons (and yes, you can make balloons girly!!) as well as her famous drawing of a little girl walking a dog (I don't know how long it'll be before she gets the hint that no matter how cute those drawings are, she is NOT getting a dog:)!). Parker drew a superhero themed card with Wolverine trying to steal the birthday cake that Spiderman carried up the side of a skyscraper for her Daddy (Wolverine is Richard's favorite ... Spiderman hers).  Kate made a little drawing of something or another ... the story changed every time she described it (she is quite the story teller!!), and Hanson Ellis made her typical "sweet" card.  I thought it was interesting what she wrote on the "birthday banner" she drew inside ... it was the same scripture I have on my blog!  (and btw, my girls haven't seen my blog ... a little just for me is nice:)!).  She also wrote at the end "each day is a gift."  Yes, Hanson Ellis, it is!  I'm not sure how at 11 you are aware of this, but I'm thankful that you are and that you can remind us, too.  

Goodnight to you all.  I hope you enjoyed your day with the ones you loved and loved the ones you were with!  May you too remember this day was a gift.  

To God be the Glory! 


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blue Skies

SO happy the sun was out today.  Nothing like light to make everything so much more enjoyable!  Swimming was a no go ... and all though Parker is all smiles above, it wasn't a happy no go.  Which brings me to my afterthought on the previous post.  There is another childhood story about a swan.  You might recall The Ugly Duckling.  Thinking of it, I'm reminded that the swan wasn't born with the striking beauty it acquires as it matures.  It is an ugly duckling at first.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I do not think my children are ugly ducklings ... in fact, sometimes their "cuteness" is their only redeeming quality:)!!  However, I do hope that they will grow up to be godly women.  Then they will truly have the rare beauty of a magnificent swan.

I hope you were all able to get out and enjoy some sunshine today, too!
I'm off to clean up a bathroom where a toilet overflowed after too many diaper wipes were flushed down it.  Oh the joys ...