Friday, March 26, 2010

A Different Birthday Post

Today is/was Richard's birthday.  I've been collecting thoughts for a special post for him ... what I would say, the photos I would use, etc.  HOWEVER, life just sort of got in the way today and we were blessed to have neighbors BTODO (bring their own dinner over) and eat with us tonight ... so that post will just have to wait.

For now, I will say a final "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my wonderful.  You drive me crazy like no one else could, but I couldn't live without you ONE MINUTE.  I love you so much more than I know I've shown you, and I'm thankful God created you!

Here is the cake Hanson Ellis made for her Daddy ...

The Hambrick family "sharing the love!!"  Y'all are awesome:)!!!

Oh, and I'm the only one missing, so here is one of me from today (just for fun) ...

And then here is sweet Lucie ... the child who prompted a recent phone call to Momma with the words, "I have met my match!"coming from my lips.  LOVE her to death and despite my very, VERY best efforts ... she always looks like this.  Messy, busy and never, ever has time to have her picture taken:).

And finally all the girls made Richard birthday cards.  Patterson drew very girly balloons (and yes, you can make balloons girly!!) as well as her famous drawing of a little girl walking a dog (I don't know how long it'll be before she gets the hint that no matter how cute those drawings are, she is NOT getting a dog:)!). Parker drew a superhero themed card with Wolverine trying to steal the birthday cake that Spiderman carried up the side of a skyscraper for her Daddy (Wolverine is Richard's favorite ... Spiderman hers).  Kate made a little drawing of something or another ... the story changed every time she described it (she is quite the story teller!!), and Hanson Ellis made her typical "sweet" card.  I thought it was interesting what she wrote on the "birthday banner" she drew inside ... it was the same scripture I have on my blog!  (and btw, my girls haven't seen my blog ... a little just for me is nice:)!).  She also wrote at the end "each day is a gift."  Yes, Hanson Ellis, it is!  I'm not sure how at 11 you are aware of this, but I'm thankful that you are and that you can remind us, too.  

Goodnight to you all.  I hope you enjoyed your day with the ones you loved and loved the ones you were with!  May you too remember this day was a gift.  

To God be the Glory! 



  1. happy birthday richard!!! cheers to you, our friend!
    tonight was FUN- thanks MK :)

  2. Mary Katherine,
    What an awesome cake she made and what impromptu fun! Happy Birthday to your sweetie.

  3. I am so glad you guys had a great evening. Happy Birthday Richard. I hope you enjoyed your day.