Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Truthfully Speaking

Okay.  So I know these entries have given some the notion that I am struggling with contentment.  I'm not going to lie ... I am, but aren't we all at some point?  Maybe my problem is that I tend to write these entries at the end of the day when this is what I know awaits me in the kitchen

(seriously, almost EVERY SINGLE night I have a sink FULL of dishes because my dishwasher is full, too! And to top that off, it's never the first time of the day where this situation occurs)

But ...
 tonight, I sat down with a little of this

and I finished the dishes before sitting down at the computer to give you a couple of random snapshots from my evening tonight.  (of course before I even got to the kitchen part, I had to wash two sets of heads, and put everyone to bed solo because the washing machine fell on Richard's head as he was trying to replace a hose ... see photo below ... so he decided to lay down a minute ... and there are two bumps on his head, so no wise cracks from any of you out there!!! :)!)

And then here are some other random photos I had on my camera from other day in the life moments.  

more of Richard repairing things around here ... he was quite pleased he could fix the vacuum with a coat hanger and commented that he felt like a "mini McaGyver"  (his hair was definitely long enough!!)
He also commented on my photographing this moment.  And this comment wasn't as funny.

sweet Lu .. looking at these images I wonder how I could be in want of anything!!

just a reminder of when all is quiet upstairs, your 3 & 1 year old are definitely up to something
(and take note of who is on the top shelf and who is on the bottom ... I'm sure my 3 year old ... my very cautious 3 year old, came up with this plan!!)

Yes, I wish I had more time in this house.  I wish I didn't know moving into it that it was only temporary.  I wish I could invest in this house without knowing I'd not get a good return on that investment.  I wish I could change this or that ... I wish I had time to change this or that ... I wish I could be a 115% homeschooling mom AND a great runner AND start up my notecard business again AND learn how to sew AND fix up this house AND have it cleaned every night AND still have energy to read and read and read  to each and every girl before bed , as well as read my own books without falling asleep holding them:), BUT I know that is just shy of impossible.  I WILL KEEP TRYING, though:).  And I will come close to loosing heart many days and grow more than weary in the process ... but I am stubborn that way and stubborn is what has kept me going many a days. 

In all seriousness, though, I know God is refining me.   And I am learning that my contentment is not in achieving "all of the above."  And I'll tell you ... I am sweetly humbled learning this.  I think we all can give lip service to that statement, but I am LIVING it right now.  I am truly going through the battle almost daily and I am thankful for those of you who pray for me ... who pray for all of us at 57 ... who hold me accountable and keep my heart pointed to Christ.  And I am very thankful to God who gives me a house filled with joy, even when I feel like it's a house in the trenches.  

Above and below ... things I saw tonight when I walked into various rooms.  I call these "redeeming qualities" of our girls:).  They are the sweet, cute things they do that make me smile.  Below was what I saw in Kate's room tonight as I walked by.  I had told her prior to getting in the tub that she had to put her lovey in her room. I remembered seeing the baby on the floor early in the evening.  Not sure why I didn't pick it up ... very unlike me:), but obviously Kate thought that baby needed some love, so she covered her up with lovey.  Sweet!

         Parker and Patterson spending time in books before bed.

      Kate being Kate after her bath.  Happy and lovin' her Daddy!!


  1. I wish I could get half the things done in a day that you do! Some days it surely is easier than others.

  2. MK,
    I do read your blogposts most of the time, but I'm usually on my iPhone and it's too much of a pain to comment! So here I am. This was sweet.

    But I have 1 question that I can never quite figure out:
    Do you want to stay in your house or do you want to keep moving? :) I'm kinda laughing but I'm kinda serious! I've heard you say both. I ask because in my confusion I think sometimes I've responded incorrectly to what I THOUGHT you were saying. It's probably safer if I just ask, lol. :)

    Anyway -
    blogging can be very beneficial. Sometimes it really helps clear your head, doesn't it? I blogged for about a year and a half, two years? And then can you believe it? I ran out of words. ha ha! Actually I probably ran out of TIME. My dad was the saddest Daddy ever. :( He loved my blog. I think about returning, but then - life sucks me in.

    But good for you - way to process, girl! :)

    See ya tomorrow. Maybe!

  3. so glad you found my blog so that I could find yours! love your heart for God and your family...can't believe that you have 5...FIVE girls. what a gift from God!!!!

    can't wait to get to know you more! gonna enjoy following you!