Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"She's a good girl, loves her Momma, loves Jesus, and America, too."
first line from Tom Petty's "Free Falling"

Whenever I hear the first line of that song, I immediately think of Hanson Ellis.
Happy birthday to my first born.  
What can I say?  I look at you and I literally think to myself, "weren't you just 4?!"  

You are the gentlest person I know.  
Gentleness is evident in your walk, in your handwriting and in your drawings. 

You are beautiful inside and out.  
You have a true heart for God and I love to hear you talk of His word. 

I am amazed at how independent you have become.  

It seems that the past 12 years have flown by, yet it seems like an eternity ago when I used to carry you to the grocery store late at night in your footed jammies
and watch you dance on the kitchen table to 'N Sync (nobody panic!!  they were cool back then and she was only 2:).)  

You impress me with your ability and desire to learn Chinese.  
You warm my heart with you smile.  
You make tears well up in my eyes when you sing and play your guitar for me.  

I love to see you care for your little sisters.  How blessed they are to have you!! 

I wonder what plans God has for you?  
I look forward to your life unfolding,
 yet I admit I am clinging on to each day left that I have with you under my wing.  
I remember when you turned 9 and I looked at your Daddy and said,
"Well, we've had her for as long as we will have her."
What a milestone that was!  

And now you are 12.  
How can this be?  

Oh, Hanson Ellis, you cannot imagine how much your Daddy and I love you.  

Our little left handed Georgia Peach who has been with us through it all.  
North Carolina, Georgia, Washington, California, North Carolina (again), Kansas and Georgia again.  

Peacetime and War.  

The birth of four little sisters.  

What a life you've lived thus far ... and it's only just begun.  

I hope your day is as amazing as you are.  

"Remember Who You Are," and from where your strength and hope comes.  
Never forget your favorite verse, John 17:17, and continue to dream.

Happy Birthday, Hanson Ellis.  
You're the greatest 12 year old I know!

Okay, I might have broken a blog record for number of photos on one post, but I just grabbed some out of a box and thought that they were perfect for today ... even the blurry ones.  Enjoy!

Look who's 3!

(above photo by Sherri Winstead Photography)

One of my FAVES!!!!!  Seattle ... ahhhhhh:)

gotta have a homeschool photo:)!!

HE and Patterson then (above) and now (below)

above two photos ... HE and Parker
below is one of Parker and me from this morning

I love you,


  1. Thanks a lot, MK!~blinking back the tears~ You've got me tearing up and panicking about how MY oldest is starting to grow up SO fast! What a sweet "love" letter you just wrote to Hanson Ellis. So sweet and surely I don't have to tell you this but, she is only as wonderful as she is because of her incredible role model of a mom she has in YOU! She is truly blessed to have you as a mother, as a best friend forever! Happy Birthday, Hanson Ellis!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Hanson Ellis. We knew you were special even when you were 14 months old. May God bless you beyond what you could possibly imagine!

  3. WOW, Very nice pictures, and Happy Birthday HE!!!!! And her baby (little girl) pictures look alot like Kate. I hope you had a great day.

  4. awww..happy birthday hanson (what a beautiful name!). what a blessing of a tribute to give to your daughter on her birthday! praise God for each day we have with our children!