Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gathering at the Table

As the weekend comes to a close, I find myself taking a deep breath and wishing I was getting an early finish on my day.  I never seem quite ready for the new week.  Not that I'm dreading it, or that I don't look forward to another week ... but I do grow a little weary of always seeming to be in the "catch up" phase.  I have felt so B.U.S.Y. for the longest time.
Busy, and most definitely in the four letter word sense.  

I wonder ... how many of you eat every single meal gathered around your table with your family?  We've always done it and sometimes I wonder if it is really all that it is cut up to be:).  With all the interrupting one another that goes on and the non-stop of this person getting up or that person getting up or this person's fork falling on the ground or that person's napkin falling on the ground or the milk that is spilled or the water that is spilled or the very loudly read devotion by Richard in attempt to speak over the baby whose been done with sitting in her chair for about 10 minutes prior to his starting .... (if you have a big family, I know you are secretly laughing with me!  WHAT A ZOO!!).  
But we still gather every day for every meal.  

Sometimes I look around at all that is going on and this is truly when having a family of 7 "hits" me.  This is when I am filled with humility (I can't believe how gracious God has been to me) and this is when I'm hit with reality (I have got my work cut out for me!!).  But there is nothing sweeter than seeing my 8 year old cut the meat for my 6 year old, or my 1 year old patting the thigh of my 12 year old, and in doing so hinting that she wants to get in her lap.  Life is filled with so many blessings.  I hope you are all catching them as much as you can!

Tomorrow starts another week.  I will finish Ted & Margy Tripp's book, Instructing a Child's Heart over the next two or so mornings.  What a great book.  I highly recommend you picking up a copy.  I like to read this in the morning as it gives me a lot to pray over and helps me with my focus for the day ahead.  CH8 is on Giving Your Children a Vision for the Glory of God.  On page 104 there is a reminder for parents to "Display and demonstrate the wonders of God."  I think many times I can be so busy that I might rush through a devotional time with them or just assign their Bible work for the day ... read over it but not really discuss it with them.  I think they are "getting it" but most likely all they are getting is a "check the block" on spiritual time.  I know I can grow weary in all that is laid out before me each day ... especially with a husband who is either deployed or working late hours (note Grad School on top of a full time job that requires an hour commute to and an hour commute from work is NOT that conducive to being a part of your family's life ... I'm not complainin' ... just sayin'), and I know that my weariness takes away many times, too many times, from living a life that adequately displays the wonders and glories of God and His word.  I am thankful for reminders ... for moments like those while we are gathered around our table and for books that people have written ... reminders of why we are here and for what purpose we are here.  

I pray our week is filled with laughter.  I pray God gives me the strength to create a warm home environment.  I pray for health.  I pray for healing.  But most of all, I pray that God will work in all of our hearts and draw us closer to Him and conform us more to His likeness.  I pray that all who see us and know us will say that above all else, we love the Lord.

Goodnight to you all!


  1. We do MOST of our meals at the table. Occasionally we have "indoor picnics" and eat on a blanket on the den floor. I admit while he was deployed, I got tired of the fight of the supper table. Not a lot of fun to eat with a 6 and 2 year old. It is certainly harder than not doing it but is mostly worth it :)

  2. We eat almost every meal at the table. Not breakfast, that usually consists of the girls grabbing a poptart on the way to school. And Steven eating a bowl of cereal. But dinner every night, and lunch on Sunday. Sunday nights we usually have left overs. But tonight, I made breakfast and everyone ate as theirs was done. While watching tv. I understand totally about being overwhelmed, although I only had 6 at home at once. Now only 5. It can be so much. When all the kids were about your kids' age, Steve had a full time job and was in colleg in rome. 3 days a week he would leave work and go straight to Rome. From Sunday night until Thursday evening, Steve didn't get to see his kids awake. and they didn't get to see him. That was tough. Just keep pressing on. Love you, girl.