Thursday, April 29, 2010


Where has this week gone?
The older two girls have been testing this week.  While, as homeschoolers, we are allowed to test at home, I've never chosen this option.  I have always been blessed to have a place to take the girls to complete their yearly standardized testing.  I don't know about most school kids, but mine absolutely LOVE this time of year.  For them it is something completely out of the ordinary. They get to get up and get dressed and participate in the daily hustle and bustle that they normally get to avoid.  They get to carry a backpack and pack a snack.  They get recess and scheduled "breaks."  They get to watch special performances and participate in Fine Arts Week at the school where they test ... it is a lot of fun for them, and I am ever so grateful at how God provides even in the very small details of our lives.

That said, we have been extra busy with a switch in our daily schedule.  And on top of that, Hanson Ellis has a Middle School Youth Retreat this weekend with our church that I am escorting her to helping out with.  Arranging childcare, getting things organized for Richard so that life won't be too chaotic for him and the other 4 girls while I'm gone (and for me when I get back!) ... all has added to the lack of time to sit and post an entry.

Yesterday we'd been home about 30 minutes and had eaten our late lunch and I was cleaning up and getting ready to put the little ones down for their nap.  As I was hustling around, I saw Kate and Olivia sitting on the floor looking at some new books we bought earlier that day.  Olivia had the coffee I just purchased laying on the floor beside her, Daycare bags and a recent Gap purchase was off in the distance ... I just saw the sight and thought what a summary of our life this week it was ... the "stuff" plus the peacefulness of the little ones amidst it all ... me flying around, them just doing what they normally do.  Love our life, love my girls:).

And for fun, I'll direct you to here where there is a fun photography post from the 28th that you might enjoy and a beautifully decorated home post from the 27th that I could move right into and not change a thing!

See you all again after the weekend!
To God be the Glory,

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