Monday, April 12, 2010

Puzzled and Concerned

Today was redeemed by Tuscan Chicken and Rosemary Parmesan bread, and chocolate chip cookies, followed by Richard, Hanson Ellis and I throwing the frisbee in the backyard while the 4 other ones played in the sand box. I then turned on the sprinklers and let everyone have a good couple of run-throughs.  Redeemed because earlier was anything but pleasant.  Today was a day I had hoped would not come.  Ever since we moved to GA in Jan 09, my Parker has had something going on with her hair.  I've gone round and round in my mind rationalizing what it is ... is she eating it, is she pulling it, is she stressed ... is she losing it?  Parker is our second born by almost 4 years.  While Hanson Ellis is petite with incredibly thick almost black hair and eyes just as dark, Parker is long legged & broad shouldered with fair skin,  reddish hair and green eyes.  Hanson Ellis hates to get her face wet.  Parker is a mermaid.  They are night and day and they are both beautiful.  But where Hanson Ellis has bold confidence, Parker has a quiet spirit.  Hanson Ellis' first inclination during a moment of free time is to grab a book.  Parker's is to draw (and she always, always does this standing!)   Hanson Ellis has my preppy style ... Parker is always picking up florals and tunics:).  I love these girls.  They make me smile in so many ways.

Today was hard, though.  I finally scheduled an appointment for our Pediatrician to take a look at Parker's hair.  Parker was so paranoid about the appointment, that she threw up in the van as we loaded up.  Kate missed her MMO class, so she was distraught.  Olivia was crying because she didn't know what was going on.  Hanson Ellis was in her own little world as usual, Patterson was overly curious about every single detail and was asking 500 million questions (typical).  And this was just the start of our day.  The doctor's office took forever (of course!!!  after all it was the Monday after Spring Break) and then we headed for the lab.  Then back home for lunch, where the disaster of the morning awaited us full force ... and the day went on and on ... But the good news is the Pediatrician didn't think that it was anything physical ... where it is thinning is not a normal place for hair loss from a physical issue.  She also saw some new growth which was promising.  But we couldn't figure it out.  I have not seen hair in a brush when I brush it.  I have not found any lying around the house.  Parker is within my eyesight 99.9% of the day and I don't see her pulling it or even messing with it.  Her eating and sleeping habits haven't changed a bit, and she seems happy playing with her sisters and friends in the neighborhood.  But something is going on.  Drying her hair yesterday morning for church I felt sick to my stomach.  I don't know what is happening and it is scary and heart braking.  We took some blood tests today and will get the results in a day or two.  Will you please pray for peace and answers and that nothing serious will be going on?  And please pray that I will be the mother I need to be for her now.

my oldest two ... night and day:)

Parker in KS November 08

Parker here in GA Easter 09

you can see here that her hair is thinning a little ... but nothing to be concerned with ...

... but I did have it cut to "even it out"
many times I wondered if she resented it being cut so she pulled at it out of frustration!!??

You can see here, Easter 10, how thin it is in the back and how uneven ... the sides should be the same length as the back.  And trust me, if you could see the underneath layer, sigh, your heart would break.

Pray for my Parker.
She is a beautiful Child of God. 
Pray that she would believe this and be happy.

"When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Thy consolations delight my soul."
psalm 94.19


  1. I've been dealing with something similar. Stress is a powerful thing. I think that those of us who don't express our emotions out loud, are more prone to the physical manifestations of stress. Richard's been gone, you've moved, your mother has been sick, etc. There has been a lot going on in her little heart.

    I am praying.

  2. Praying for your Parker. and you.


  3. Oh Dollie,
    Your post brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine how worried you must be. When I was pregnant with Jackson, our pediatrician thought Trey had Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. We went through months of worrying and lots of testing before we found out that it wasn't anything near as serious. I am praying for you and your family. And by the way, I was a "hair puller" when I was little. I would pull it out as I was falling asleep and toss it behind the headboard of my bed--weird, I know. Hope to see you this weekend! Amy Brock