Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Rest of Our Week

The rest of our Spring Break was spent just hanging out at home just doing what we normally would do.  The weather was so beautiful!  And despite the pollen, we spent a lot of time with doors open.

And we ate a lot of ice cream:).

Momma and my Aunt Peggy came up Thursday for a quick visit.  It was the weekend of the Scott's Antique show in Atlanta, so we decided to make the trek downtown Friday.  We took Hanson Ellis for some big girl time, and we enjoyed the opportunity to check out a show we have only had the opportunity to read about it several magazines over the years.  We didn't buy all that much ... our first purchase being none other than a salted pretzel:).

But we saw a lot of interesting things and had a lot of fun!

I came very close to buying this vintage bridesmaid's dress.  It tried it on and it almost fit perfectly ... 

I did NOT come close to buying these turtle shells, but apparently they must be the new thing in home decor, as I saw several vendors with them for sale.  Anybody know something I don't???

As we loaded the bus to go home, I saw this shelf with galvanized bins.  Now THAT is something I would have LOVED to have purchased.  Totally up my alley.  I think, well, I know that if I would have come home with the dress and shelf, Richard wouldn't have even batted an eyelash.  Now the turtle shells ... :).

What I did come home with was some wonderful soap.  I was looking at some wire baskets when I found myself in a bit of a trance.  Then I noticed I was standing next to an old washbasin filled with wonderful soaps.  Once I snapped out of it, Momma and I gathered up some of our favorites and pulled out our wallets.  I will eventually use mine.  For now, though, I think I'll enjoy seeing it sitting on the counter.  It's wrapping is making me think I need to find some coral to fill that tray with this summer!

I also brought home this wonderful french market basket (and one slightly smaller to gather dirty clothes in our bathroom ... I'm sure it was destined for much greater things than that, but we needed something to serve that purpose!). 

And to top off the day, we took Momma and Peggy and the girls out to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner.  We NEVER eat out, so forgive me for my enthusiasm over La Parrilla about 15 months late!!  What a great little place!  Great food, (very clean environment .. 100 rating!) and a very talented balloon man to entertain the kids while we're busy shoving chips and dip in our mouth.  
We'll definitely be repeat customers!

Today is Saturday.
Momma and Peggy left this morning.
I'm just now taking a break to enjoy some coffee and catch up on the news online while little ones sleep and big ones play outside.  
Richard is at work finishing up some graduate work.
I'm busy cleaning floors, cabinets, dishes and clothes.
Our off week is over.
How blessed we were to have it!

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  1. I would have loved to have that shelf with those bins. STeve could have used it for his work. And it would have worked perfectly. I'm glad you had a good time. We should have not gone camping and I could have gone with you. Talk to you soon, dear friend.