Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last Day of MMO

Today was the last day of Mother's Morning Out for Kate and Olivia.
I had huge anxieties over them attending.  None of my girls had ever attended a full year before and enrolling them made me feel like my ability to manage everything was crumbling.  
I was anxious about our time apart.  I was anxious about Olivia being so young.  I was anxious about Kate feeling like she was the only one being dropped off.  I was anxious about what "things" she'd pick up from the other kids (because you know the girls here at the Davenport School are perfectly behaved!!)  I was anxious because it was just another new thing in our lives ... another unknown, another something not done the way we'd done it in the past.

In the end all worked out great.  They both had wonderful classes and wonderful teachers.  They always came home with smiles on their faces and slept well from their busy morning of play.  It was a good thing for us all.  And I must say when I was talking to one of the teachers today, I felt a tear forming in my eye!  Life is so precious, and so fleeting.

I am so blessed.

"Kate the Great"

"finger on the wall" when walking down the hall

parker made a catapult with the playground bark ... ummm can we say she had homeschooler written all over her???  

my sweet, sweet Lu!!

love these girls!  They are going to grow SO much this summer, I just know it.  
SIGH .... I  wish I could just freeze them for a little while longer.

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  1. Awww!! So precious. That first closeup of Kate the Great is AWESOME!!

    Wow, such beautiful girls that look nothing alike! ha ha. I mean seriously, how does that happen? I THINK Kate and Parker favor...and it's just crazy!