Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Weekend

This weekend Momma and my Aunt Peggy came up for a visit and to watch Parker and Patterson's dance recitals.  The weekend started like any other visit.  Some hair trimming by Momma, and lots of giggles and hyper activity:).  

Parker then had her rehearsal on Friday night.  Since Richard was not yet back from his trip to D.C., I took her and brought my camera along.  What fun!  I captured a lot of great images and I can't wait to have a lesson in The Davenport School on Degas and have the girls paint some of what I captured!!  It is also amazing to me to see Parker "on her own."  Parker just becomes when her sisters aren't around to distract her.  She is growing up waaaaaaay too fast.  She is beautiful.  She is tall!  She is our late bloomer who every now and then gives us glimpses of who she will bloom into.  L.O.V.E. her to death.

Parker's recital was on Saturday.  Miss Olivia was completely captivated for the entire almost 2 hour long show.  She sat in her Gran's lap most of the time and what a sweet, precious sight to see her tiny little hands clap after every performance:).  

Hanson Ellis ... reading, of course, before the show.  Momma and I talked of how she used to be "our dancer" and both of us choked up and teared up.  How long ago that seems to be now!

After the show, only one parent was allowed up front to pick up their child.  We decided to let Hanson Ellis go and take Parker her flowers.  If I had time, I would have dug up the old photos of Hanson Ellis in costume with flowers and Parker standing by her side.  What a bittersweet switch this was!

I love the one above of Parker running up to her Daddy who had taken the little ones outside after the show!  And the one below of a Daddy lovin' his little big girl.

And here we are ... all seven of us.  We tried.  That's the only comment I have:).

Love the above of Parker ... "HOW MANY MORE PHOTOS???!!!"
And the two below ... just so glamorous to me:).

And a final shot of the evening ... Parker's tights.  I think if nothing else told us, they would have.  The year is most definitely over!!

I didn't take Patterson to her rehearsal, which was on Saturday before Parker's show.  So I don't have any images of her with her class.  But I got some today at her show.  This was Patterson's very first dance recital.  She was super excited, and cried when she realized that Gran and Peggy and her Daddy and sisters were not going to be in the audience.  For those of you who don't know, my Mom has cancer.  She found out about 8 months ago.  She has been doing extremely well, but she got sick this morning and just couldn't shake it.  Richard had to take her to the hospital.  She was so weak, he had to more than help her to the van.  As I stood there watching my Momma completely helpless and limp lean upon the shoulders of my husband .... ummm .... I can only tell you my mind was full of all sorts of thoughts.  Two people I love so much ... two people I admire so much ... two people that I would have never imagined seeing in that state.  But while I was filled with sadness for Momma, I was filled with peace that she was being "carried" by someone who didn't just love her by birth, but loved her out of respect and admiration.  I knew he'd take care of her and I knew God would keep them all safe.  

So Patterson's debut on stage was not as she had planned it would be, but Patterson has an amazing little spirit.  She is sensitive, but tough and very, very positive ... even in the midst of turmoil.  I saw her strength shine through today and despite her disappointment and worry about her Gran, she was amazing on stage and performed her little heart out.  It was the best I'd ever seen her dance!  Afterwards I went backstage and scooped that little toothpick up and squeezed her tight.   She is so much like Richard, and I was so happy God gave her to me and to this world today.  

So that was our weekend.  Momma is still at the hospital.  She is staying there tonight.  Hopefully she'll feel well enough to come home tomorrow and return to Alabama on Tuesday.  I have an amazing Momma and I have five amazing little girls.  

To God be the Glory.

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  1. You have such a beautiful family! I just love all the Degas photos. You captured the weekend so well.

    So sorry about your mom. Will pray...