Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Weekend

It is just after nine tonight.  The girls are in bed, Richard is running an errand for me (ahhhh the absolute JOYS of having him home!), Ellie (the cat) is batting around something behind me in my room, and the sound of the dryer is filling the house.  It is quiet.  It is nice.

The Weekend was crazy packed, as usual, for us.  Two soccer games and a birthday party Saturday, the usual housework and grocery runs for me, lots of hair washing (that is becoming a given on the "to do" lists as grocery store trips, dishes and laundry), graduate work for Richard and some work in the yard for us both.  Today we had church, a spur of the moment lunch out,  company and a nice run with Richard.  Everyone showered me with sweet little surprises throughout the day and Hanson Ellis finished it off with making dinner all by herself (with the exception of Kate helping put the sprinkles on the cupcakes).

It was a great weekend weather wise, too.  How blessed we've been to have sunshine and cooler temperatures this Spring.  I find myself just standing outside or sitting on the front porch just soaking in that gift.  Richard and I had coffee after dinner tonight on the front porch while the girls enjoyed a little extra outside time.  I enjoyed curling up with a blanket, while Richard read me a portion of Eisenhower's Inaugural Prayer.

God is working in him for the future.  I'm not sure what God has planned for him, but it is neat to see the changes.  I look forward to discovering what the future holds.  For now, though, I enjoy just sitting and listening to his thoughts take shape.   I could just sit and listen all day!

** and on a side note ...

Parker's hair seems to be doing better.  It is at least not getting worse.  I've kept her out of the pool for about 3 weeks now.  I'm wondering if the chlorine wasn't a bigger issue than I thought it could be.  She seems to be better since we've cut her hair and "cleaned it up" a bit.  She knows there was an issue and we are praying about it.  Having an active role in this seems to be helping her through it a little.  Thank you to all of you who keep her in your prayers!!**

I am still reading through Trumpet of the Swan with Parker and Patterson.  I know, I know ... definite slow go with this.  I'm telling you, life has been too much "one thing after another" lately ... however, I love this book so much and it is nice that they still have it to discover!  Tonight we were at the part where Louis is in his hotel room at the Ritz in Boston. He is writing Sam Beaver to update him with his whereabouts and he says, "A hotel room, even though it has every convenience, can be a lonely place."  As I read that, I thought how suitable that was to our time here at 57.  What a wonderful home we have in an amazing neighborhood.  We have a great church, have met some amazing people, and are close to both of our families. But it is temporary here, it is not the military world (and we are still military) and despite all the benefits, it can be very lonely at times.  I'm not sure I can convince my civilian friends here how we feel.  I'm not even sure it matters.  It's just different and there are more days than not where we feel so much "on the outside."  For me personally, I am really trying to use this time to learn what God is trying to teach me here during this time.  I know we are where He wants us.  I know we are in a perfect place ... even if it doesn't always feel that way.

So that was the weekend.  Full of life, full of memories, full of blessings.  And at the end of the day, I walk in my room and I see this ...

and I am reminded that even on Mother's Day, a mother's work is never finished:).  

I thought a lot more about Mother's Day today than I probably used to.  I thought about Montye who I recently read about via a "real" blogger and about a friend at church who just lost her mom this weekend.  I thought about Momma and how we weren't sure we'd have her this year.  I thought about my cousin who died unexpectedly last summer, and her twin college age daughters who are left to experience the rest of their life without her.  I thought about all my Army Wives, who've soldiered up time and time again while their husbands have been at war ... and who would not honor themselves for one moment in regards to that!  I thought about the heartache of friends I know whose womb God has not yet opened ...
And then, I thought about me and the little fire team with which God has blessed me.  We don't always know the "why's" of this life.  We aren't always able to make sense of the easy or the difficult.  Praise God for His sovereignty and for His word that guides us through it all.

In my own little world, I'm thankful for my mom and all that she's taught me.  I'm thankful she taught me to cook and clean and love.  I'm thankful she taught me to laugh.  I'm thankful she's my daughter's Gran, and I'm thankful that she's around to teach them about Jesus, as well as about blowing bubbles with their gum:).  I'm also thankful that we live so close to her right now.  She'll be here at the end of the week and we all can't wait!

Happy Mother's Day to you all.
To God be the Glory.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, too, MK!

  2. Hi Mary Katherine- so glad you stopped by to 'see me' at BTB. I love to visit with folks via blogs(love Planted by Streams!), and appreciate when other's visit me. You're world looks so interesting, with little, and some bigger! girls, all around. I'm so thankful to Military Families, who serve our nation,- me and my family- with your many sacrifices. May God always bless you and yours as you serve Him,
    Looking forward to learning more about you and yours too- Have a wonderful week! Laura