Thursday, May 20, 2010

What I Love

New flowers for my home.

Working outside and laughing with my girls.

Seeing a sweet little one discover life.

Olivia snatched up Patterson's purse today and I noticed her just standing with her arm up so the purse wouldn't fall off:).  Love it.  And then she just kept staring at me as I took photos of her ... I'm sure she's wondering what this thing is that I always have in front of my face.

Today was a sweet Thursday.
I had coffee on the couch while starting a new book.
I got my hair cut.
I witnessed Hanson Ellis growing up just a little more when I walked in from the salon and she had Olivia on her hip, she had Parker and Patterson get dressed and the dishes were finished.
I folded laundry with Patterson.
I read stories with Kate and Olivia.
I went to Home Depot and purchased pine straw for our yard and the girls and I realized putting it out was not as easy as it looked and we laughed and laughed thinking about how worth the money it would have been to just have someone deliver it and put it out for us.
I let Patterson blow off the driveway ... and laughed so hard at that little hyper toothpick working so hard, yet blowing nothing at all!
I had dinner with the six people I love more than anything in this world.
I snuggled with a sweet one year old in a rocking chair and read bedtime stories and sang Jesus Loves Me and How Firm a Foundation.
I went on a great run with the man who's always been there for me and loves me and encourages me despite knowing my countless shortcomings.
I had a wonderful conversation on the phone with a dear lady who I've admired since the first time I met her when Richard was in Ranger School.

I surely love the big moments in life, but what I love the most are the little things that happen everyday and may not be significant in and of themselves, but clumped together are what make LIFE.

Goodnight.  I'm hopping in the shower, grabbing my book and climbing in bed.
Thankful for today.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

To God be the Glory.


  1. I think Olivia looks so much like Hanson Ellis when she was her age

  2. Olivia is one of the MOST cutest little girls I have ever seen in my life! I'm not just saying this! I love those little piggy tails!!!