Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Weekend

Another great weekend comes to a close.  I got a sweet (and uncommon these days) note from my 12 year old Friday night.  It was written backwards because Leonardo DaVinci wrote backwards (Hanson Ellis is my living encyclopedia) and it was a lovely surprise.

Richard and I found a relatively cool spot on the back porch yesterday and talked and talked over coffee.  We also stayed up way too last night watching a movie and talking (something we've done routinely on Saturdays over the duration of our marriage ... we don't have a lot of "routines" so this is a favorite of mine) and I baked this

today while he worked on his graduate work at the kitchen table.
I think it is a great last hurrah before we start back this

tomorrow.  (could that 10K have been any hotter?!!  The look on my face really says it all.)

Thanks Edie for the head's up on the wonderful cake!
And goodnight to you all.
I hope you have a truly great week and enjoy each moment to the fullest.  
To God be the Glory.


  1. wow, i just love that note from your oldest - what a sweet girl!! And that cake?! Looks to die for, I can taste it from here - YUM!

  2. Great pictures. I saw you from afar in Sunday School this morning, but didn't see you after church. I'm glad you're week is going well. I hope to be able to get you guys out this week. Sierra is leaving in the morning for 4H camp. I'd like to get together soon. Have a great week.