Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This Week's Sweet Shot

I think this might be my fourth week in a row at linking up here for Sweet Shot Tuesday.  If you haven't checked out Darcy's blog ... DO!  And if you want to challenge yourself to utilize your camera on a regular basis and improve your skills, then I recommend you participating in next week's Sweet Shot.  (and if you find it confusing, don't worry, I did too at first but Darcy was there to help right away!!).

So here is my Sweet Shot for this week.  It is of my 8 year old who was my helper last night in uploading these.

and just one more because I like it so ..



  1. Oh my good heavens. Those freckles are so great. I love them.

  2. She's precious!!! Great shots♥

  3. LOVE these shots. I've got my own freckled-face girl which makes me just LOVE your shots even more! Love the lighting in these shots, especially the last one.

  4. Oh very nice close up shot! Freckles and all! Love it