Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When I Walk Along the River ...

I take my old "sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work" camera ... and I use it a lot.  There is a little river that runs on part of Richard's father's land.  Parker especially loves the river and so, at her request, Grandfather took the Davenport Seven (plus Aunt Rina) for a little hike and walk along the river.  The water was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing and there were some moments of brief whining along the way (I'll never forget our "I heart the farm, but loathe the wilderness daughter" ask "Whose idea was this anyway?!") but we made it and had a great morning of just us.  We also learned that Olivia will most likely be our eco-adventure daughter.  She is fearless and thoroughly enjoyed herself out in the wild.  Oh help!! :)


Below is one of the bags Richard and I made for Parker and Patterson out of some old "stuff" of his.

Grandfather and Olivia quickly became great buddies.


Olivia LOVED jumping and splashing in the yucky, very cold, river water ... WHAT?!


Aunt Rina, Hanson Ellis and Parker


Kate not liking the depth of the water ... she became very distressed when her overalls got wet (so being good parents, we took them off ... somehow life was grand in just her panties!!?!)

Me and my sweet Parker.

beautiful driftwood


Kate dancing:)

Parker loved it out here.

Did someone say we're taking a picture?!  Kate being Kate.

And because Parker is the only one not ready for the group shot that is last, I posted one of just her here.

Group shot.  When I looked at this I literally asked myself, "are they all yours?!"  YIKES, our little ones are getting big!!

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