Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blessed Be the Name

Okay, so I'm having a trunk show and here are some of the samples I got in my trunk that are not in the flyer or online.  These are some of my favorites! Let me know if you see anything you like.  You can also check out their web page here for more info and to purchase.  HOWEVER, you can only purchase individual and custom items via trunk shows.  Fun, cute stuff!  Let me know what you think ...

I love this coat!  It is reversable, lightweight and comes in several combinations.  Very cute and practical!

A cute outfit for the holidays!   Pair the pants with a tee or turtleneck for longer wear.

I love this outfit style.  Kate had one in this style a couple of years ago.  Very wearable, great for church and play.  You can also pair the pants with a tee or turtleneck for longer wear and you can take them into early spring with a tank!  The top can be worn over jeans with or without a tank, tee or turtleneck.  You'll get several years out of it, for sure!  I have an outfit suggestion a couple images down.

This dress was in my trunk in Olivia's size.  V.E.R.Y sweet!  It comes in corduroy, too and would look great over jeans when it's too small for a dress.

Okay, Olivia was not all that into posing anymore:).  These pants looked way too cute on her, though!  

The image below is blurry, but I wanted to show you the pocket detail on back.

The images following show different looks with the same peasant top.  It is in cream corduroy.

I love this skirt!  Comes is several fabric patterns and stays up around little waists:).  How cute would this be with white eyelet socks and brown mary janes??!!

This is the first year for these knit pants AND THEY LOOK SUPER SUPER CUTE ON!  Kate's definitely getting a pair!!

My outfit idea:)!

More images of this coat.  It comes in boys and girls styles.

Oh, and one more thing.  Their t-shirts are absolutely the softest tees I've ever felt!  My 12 year old even commented today, "Oh, yes, those tees!  They are soooo soft!"


  1. ric rac trim, ruffles,and monograms?! All in one outfit?! 'Nuff said, I love them!!

  2. How did I miss that this was your gift?! These things are just darling! I especially love the reindeer outfit. If I had children (or even knew any children) I'd take one of each!

  3. Hi Mary Katharine... thank you for your sweet comment on my hummingbird photos, and yes, the Master Creator has woven the most beautiful tapestry for us to enjoy.

    Your clothing is wonderfully cute. Do you design it/ sew it?

    And, I have to say your barn project was adorable... loved the little animals.

  4. Sloan, if you see something you like, let me know! I can get it shipped to ya!! Sashyjane and Heather, NO!!! I am not the designer. But thank you for thinking I was that talented:). Ashley Eiler at is the brain behind it all. She has a heart for God and quite a knack for designing clothes:)! Check her out when you get a chance! I do have something creative up my sleeve, but I'm not ready to reveal yet. Stay tuned!! And blessings to all of you. How fun it would have been to have you all here for a cup of joe this morning during my show!

  5. Sweet! I wish I had a little girl to dress. :)