Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Every Morning ...

I hear a thump, thump of little feet slowly approaching my room.  I look around the corner and I see a sweet little girl in Dora jammies holding her pig.  Every morning this is the routine.  And every morning I eat it up:).


  1. Good morning my new friend :) I just got your message about 5 girls and hopped over to see yours! I read your first post and can I say that I just got one tear... I know funny but I could have written your exact simple post with my youngest. There is something so sweet about the "little one" after having other kids and knowing it won't happen forever.
    We need to stick together my friend. The hormones are killing me!

  2. Hi! Found you over at Kim's blog!
    Look at that little loved pig...brings back memories. This morning I was changing sheets on my 14 year old daughter's bed...and her little stuffed baby doll was just unerneath her bed. Sweet!

    The trunk show clothes are precious! My kiddos are way too big now...but geeeez..I love the looks!
    Looks like you had a fun fourth!
    Nice to meet you!
    :) Jen

  3. My "baby" (just turned 9) does the same - such a snuggle muffin! Wouldn't trade it for the world ;-)

  4. So sweet! We have that same pig... and he is well-loved.