Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Girls

Before I say anything else, I need to address Miss Olivia.  I absolutely am not in favor at all of your turning two next month.  
Okay, now for the photos ... I cannot for the life of me get a photo of all of them that is the "perfect" one.  SIGH.
It is no help either that my camera always gives me the ERR notice.  HELP PLEASE!! What am I doing wrong?  (ummm, maybe not reading the manual?)
All the same, I mailed in my orders for my Blessed Be the Name trunk show today and I decided to get the older 4 in their outfits from Spring 09, just one more time.  I did my best to capture a great shot, but instead just got a lot of captured moments.  If only they were not so blurry ...
Fun all the same. 
These girls make me smile.
Richard says they are our morale boosters.
Yes, they are.


  1. loveliness.....
    there are a few in the middle that are awesome of all of them. good job!! only took 100 attempts and suckers to make it happen :))))))

    miss yalllllll

  2. so cute!! i know they are the pictures you had envisioned, but they really did turn out pretty fantastic. i love that it shows what they are all like at this very moment in time.

  3. wow! how fun, I love them! ... amazing to see them all in one shot, they are all so beautiful!