Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Fourth

We didn't go away this weekend as we had planned.  (and you would just have to know me to understand how disappointed I was ... again)  However, we did enjoy an unplanned "plan b" with a quick visit from my brother and his family.  The weather was amazing and children were happy.  
We were truly blessed!

Hope your weekend was a blessing, too!

 (I had to add the below image as when I saw the one of H.E. above I was reminded so much of the one I had of Richard from our trip to Pasadena.  People say she looks just like me ... she does have some of my features, but she is so her Daddy in my eyes.)

(after a couple of weeks off, I'm finally linking up with Darcy for another Sweet Shot Tuesday)


  1. As always, MK, your photos are incredible ... you have such a great eye! LOVE!

  2. Oh, thank you Sloan! You are too kind, as always:).