Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Books! Books! Everywhere Books!

Okay when I saw this post (and I promise she's not paying me to continually reference her blog:)!) I thought, now there's something I know a lot about.  Children's books.  They are everywhere in this house.  I decided to pick up my camera and snap a few shots of where they are.  

(on parker's desk)

(on bookshelves)

(under HE's bedside table)

(on Kate's bookshelf)

(on HE's desk.  you know you love the little lego man laying there on top of the book.  yes, it is a lego man.  a star wars lego man.  and yes, we are a family of all girls.)

(frilly phone, pink chair, fancy nancy books ... yes, this is my Patterson's corner)

(on our old console)

(this is in Hanson Ellis' closet.  if you are ever looking for her, chances are she's hiding out in here buried in a book ... seeing the chinese/english dictionary brings a smile to my face:)!)

(on Kate's table in her room)

(there were even books in bed .. poor Kate .. I promise we are on the hunt for the perfect big girl bed for her!)

(had to throw in there a few shots of my sweet girl waking up!)

(and in Olivia's room ... my Grandma's cookbook rack .. the first thing in which we ever had to "gather" books.) 

I'm putting together a post for you of some of our favorites.  I am ready to move on from having little people (oh to have a quiet car ride!), but I will miss the stories that have been read and reread in our family over the years.  There is nothing I treasure more than a little one curled up in my lap or a bigger one snuggled close beside me ... just listening and dreaming. 



  1. Loved this post and loved the pics. Such a fantastic idea!

  2. This is so funny, MK, I am also working on a 'books' post ... I started it a couple of months ago and recently pulled it out of the archives to finish up ;-) .... I am going to steal your idea of photographing the bookshelves, I love it!! We have A LOT of duplicates of yours ... makes me feel right at home to see your bookshelves!! Great post!!