Monday, August 16, 2010

Day One

So we started school today.  It wasn't what is to be a normal day, but it was full and fun and I am glad it is behind us.  We passed out books, wrote names in them, discussed what the "plan" is for the week, and discussed how that will most likely change once we get in it and need to tweak here and there.  We talked.  Kate had her first ballet class.  Hanson Ellis had her ensemble class.  And I worked with them on various things

(blurry because she's dancing ... but I love it anyway)

The girls were happy.
Routine is going to be good.

(And btw, if you're looking for a good investment, I'm sure Starbucks stock will be up now that school is back in session.  With what I consumed over the past 24 hours, it should be.)


  1. Hello,

    yes, your daughers are so great and so sweet!!!
    Kisses and kisses to all sunny and sweet faces!!!

    We are Christians too, but Orthodox, I didn't know that America had so many Christians! Are you Catholic?

    I also like to tell you that we (me and my husband) work at the police (policewoman and policeman) and we have very good relations with army, as we work at the borders between Greece and FYROM. I am so impressed that you (wifes of militaries) have your own blog and your own page!!! We have quite a large army, although we are small coundry, and a lot of wifes too. But noone of them had an idea like this!!! It's very difficult to be in this situation, with lots of removals, etc. When I was 18 years, I would like to be a military, but my daddy no(I became policewoman), so I know many things about your life. Congatulations again for your patient!!!

    Kisses to all of you, again, and I will certainly be in touch will all the time!!!


  2. Thanks for reading our blog! Your girls are precious! You and your husband should be commended for your service and dedication. Words cannot say thank you enough! I hope you have lots of quality time together in the future! Hang in there and keep lovin those girls! May God Bless you and your little ones!

  3. Hope all goes well kicking off the school year! I love your felt flags! Of course you know I have a thing for felt :) Kuddos to super mom; as a homeschooled alumni, I can personally say that!!