Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Joys ...

Today was Thursday.  Just Thursday.  Kate went to Preschool.  Olivia went to MMO.  Hanson Ellis, Parker and Patterson and I had school here.  Parker and Patterson had tap then Hanson Ellis had tap.  We are home now.  It's been a long, busy day, but a good one.  Dinner is in the oven.  Richard is on his way home from D.C. (and I'm looking forward to having a beer with him on the front porch after the girls are in bed).  The girls are bustling around the house right now ... I'm trying to just let them play and not let the "noise" get to me.  I admit, on longs day like today, it does.  But I love them anyway:).

My morning started around 4 as I couldn't sleep. When I walked into the keeping room to turn on the lights I saw this drawing by Kate from last night.

She later told me that the red girl was her and the blue girl "is my best friend."  Don't you just love how girls always have a "best friend?"  I don't have a son, but I don't think they would ever mention a best friend.  At least not as frequently as a girl would/does.  All the same, Kate has really started drawing lately.  It is so sweet to see her little people here and there.  All of my girls have distinct details in their drawings.  Kate is no different.  He people always have two circles for their eyes.  She gives them "accessories" with little stickers she finds in the school drawer.  She likes to draw red crayon over the lips for "lipstick."  AND they all just seem to look like little Charlie Brown characters.  Which is all too fitting for her.  You should see her dance.  I'm sure Charles Shultz derived his dancing little children from watching a child dance like Kate!  Anyway, seeing this drawing was the first of many of my little joys today.

Olivia had her little birthday celebration at MMO today.  I think she is still trying to figure out all of the hoopla.  I pick her up a little early since I have to then load her up and go through the car line for Kate.  When I got there all of the class was huddled around one of the teachers while she was reading a book.  All except for Olivia who was just standing twirling her birthday crown around.  I wish I knew what her sweet little mind was thinking.  I love little glimpses into their world like that moment brought.

Even after I cut her hair almost an inch she still has those little curls:).  Love it.  Love it.

Another little joy was from today in school.  We had almost finished up for the morning and I got up to finish some dishes.  Hanson Ellis was reading an article on the Monroe Doctrine online, but Parker and Patterson were still with me in the kitchen.  Here was the conversation.
Me  "Girls, hurry and finish up.  We're going to do some Botany in a few minutes."
Parker  "Oh!  I know what that is.  He made some music, I think."
Me (trying not to laugh) "I think you are thinking of either Vivaldi or Bach, Parker.  This is BOTANY.  It is science."  
Parker  "OOOOOH."  
then Patterson chimes in, without missing a beat on the work she's finishing  ...
"Well, Parker, you were close!"  

Needless to say, I.ALMOST.DIED!  It was so funny to me:).  In fact I kept thinking about it over and over and would start chuckling from time to time for several minutes after.  (And yes, they asked what I was laughing about.  Oh, nothing, I would reply.")

After we picked up the two little ones, read to them and put them to nap, I went to take these two to their tap class.  They are a hoot in these outfits!!  My girls.  My crazy girls who wear me out, but I love them anyway.

And finally, if you are not familiar with this blog, you should be.  Sweet blog!  The author just posted this about her new venture.  Check it out!  They are super cute!!

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  1. Bach. Botany? Same thing. Too cute!

    Love those tap outfits!