Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Five is Two

Happy Birthday Olivia McCartney!

You are the sweetest, cutest little 2 year old we all know.
Our love for you is bound up in your little curls.
Your two little bottom teeth are just too much!

You bring us absolutely so much joy.

Olivia, God made you, and I am so glad that He did!
Your sisters, your Daddy and I love you to pieces.
Happy Birthday to our sweet little big girl!
May you grow in Christ's grace and be a light shining for Him all the days of your life.

Again, I just want to say "Happy Birthday to you, Olivia.  Happy Birthday my sweet little one."  I love you and as your Daddy always says when we are just sitting watching you, "We are blessed, so blessed to have her (you)."

I Love you so much!!