Saturday, August 28, 2010


I ran with Richard again this afternoon.  It's been so long since we've run together I can't even remember exactly ...  Of course we didn't go this morning as planned, but decided to wait until it was nice and sunny and hot.  I felt like someone was blowing a hairdryer on me the entire time!!  Yes, even the "breeze" was hot.  No fun!! But we ran and were together and it that was nice. 

We came home and had dinner and then I was given a rare treat of a shower while everyone else cleaned up.  When I finished and made my way upstairs, this is what I saw.  The older four in Hanson Ellis' room reading together.  
What a sweet, sweet sight.  


I love these girls!


  1. Your girls are the cutest things. I sure do enjoy the glimpes you share with your friends.

    I want a camera like yours. I am going to ask for a camera like yours for Christmas. Do you walk around the house with your camera, or just have it sitting in a key location to pick up at a moments notice.
    I love you and your family. Hope to see you tomorrow.

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL picture! I WISH my ballerinas would sit together and read a book. Heck, I wish they'd just sit together without poking each other.

  3. I love love love that we get to keep up with the girls from so far away! This is the sweetest thing ever!! we're so check us out and CALL ME when you're free!

  4. Oh my, MK, I have missed sooooo much around here these last 2 weeks - Olivia's birthday (could just eat her up!), your back-to-school (I'm in denial) ... all of your latest photos are (as always) INCREDIBLE, especially this one of the girls reading! My two little ladybugs have this same relationship, I love 'catching' them in moments like these ... lucky you to have captured it so perfectly on film - LOVE! Great to be home ;-)

  5. oh what a nice photograph for a beautiful memory!

  6. Love it! Coming from four brothers and no sisters, I try to teach my girls to enjoy each other and thank the Lord for the friendship they have! Looks like that's what's going on in this picture!