Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Today was the big day for Kate to meet her teachers.  Kate will be in Preschool this year.  She will be gone three mornings a week.  It will be a super fun time for her and it will be such a great help to me.  She is so excited and I thought I was over the panic of "Oh no!  She's about to be gone more mornings than she's home during the week."  Yes, I thought I was over it until I saw this image.

I couldn't help but have Kenny Chesney's song, "There Goes My Life" pop instantly in my mind.  Because we have five daughters, Richard and I especially tear up with this song.  And I know she's just 3, but we do have a 12 year old who was three just yesterday.  Time has flown by and we know it's not going to slow down anytime soon.  And Kate, oh Kate.  Kate was our post Iraq pregnancy.  She was born over Veteran's Day weekend.  We had the top OB deliver her, as ultrasounds showed a possible defect in her heart.  We didn't know what to expect when she came out of the womb and everyone wanted to be prepared.  In the end, she was perfectly healthy and as adorable as her sisters before her.  And now, we just say that "spot" they saw on her heart was just all of the extra "shugga" that she has in it.

Olivia met her teachers today, too.  Kate walked her to class:).  She knew just where it was, as it was hers last year.

God is so good.  He has blessed me tremendously!

(And we can't close out this post without a photo of the original owner of the snow white dress:).  
Yes, where has the time gone?!  How is this 3 year old almost a First Grader?)


  1. your sweet Kate is absolutely precious, I could just eat her up!

  2. You make me cry. I have come to truly love your family. Kate the great is such a precious thing. I love her grin. I cry because you say you'll be moving in 9 months. And we've just gotten to know you. You can't leave. God, I pray He keeps you guys here. Forever! I love you sister, MK.

  3. No, no, no Liz!! You're supposed to be praying that we'll sell our house. Remember?! :)
    Ultimately, who KNOWS what God's plans are. There's always the possibility that Richard will be deployed and we'll be here longer. AND there is always the possibility that we won't be able to sell the house and we'll have to stay while Richard goes. And then, of course, there is the wild card that God uses occasionally. :)

    We love you guys, too! How are things your way? Everybody better feel better in the morning. I want to see a good FB status update!!

  4. Hello there from Greece!!!

    Your daughters and you 2 of caurse, are so great!!!

    I think is very nice to have so big family, but you are always tired! Is this wrong? I have, at the moment, one child, I work and I have no time! How can you manage to be so perfect? Congatulations!!!

    I wish to have a good school year!!!

    Kisses to all of you!!!

  5. Maria, how fun to hear from you! Yes, currently I am always tired:), but it's just a moment in our life right now with lots to juggle. I think no matter what the size of our family, we all go through adjustment periods where we have a bit of growing pains of sorts. Honestly, I take one day ... one moment at a time. You are too kind to think of me as perfect! I am far from it. God is good, though, and He has blessed me tremendously. He is my source of strength and endurance. Please keep in touch!!

  6. And one more thing, Maria ... I'm sure you are doing a fantastic job as a Mom. Don't compare yourself to others. We all have struggles and a shortage of time:). I had no time when I just had one, either!

    And your daughter is so beautiful, btw. You, too, are truly blessed:).

  7. She makes me cry too almost every time I read her blog posts! It's crazy. MK you make me crazy. ha ha. But, it's a good kind of crazy I am so use to so don't STOP!

    They are so big now. I cannot believe it!