Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who'd Have Thought

Olivia would be horrified of the candles on her cake?  She had to have Parker blow them out.  She didn't like them at all.  I wish my camera would have been ready for her response after they went out.  I never would have expected so much expression from her:)!

It was a sweet, sweet day for Olivia.  She loved her cake, received homemade cards from her sisters and got books, a tutu, one toy and a new high chair for her baby she got last year.  
She had a blast being the Birthday Girl.  

a preview of her new room:)

Daddy time with the big girls:).


  1. OH those are sweet pictures. I LOVE HER ROOM and I'm sure all the girls' rooms. She's so pretty and yes, you did it again in that your children all look completely different with some similarities. It's a really neat thing!! Her expression, HA HA HA H AHA, that is all I can say! (excuse my grammar Mrs. Davenport..being a teacher and all).

    Hee hee. Thanks for continuing to share your life with us!

  2. I love these pictures...she is precious.

    I think my favorite shot is the one when she's peeking in the confetti bag.

  3. OMG richard looks so much like Cary here I had to double take! Tank you Thank you for posting so many pics of the girls! I can't get enough of what you guys are up to!