Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm here, I'm here!

Just in case you are wondering ... I am still here:).  I've been very strict with my time lately and have been working hard to manage our days with as little overload as possible.  It is not easy being on your "A" game every moment of every day, but it sure makes a difference around here.

It is Fall break next week for our local school system.  Even though we homeschool and can take breaks at our leisure, we tend to stick with the school system's schedule because of our extra curricular activities.  So, the girls and I are loading up today to head to Momma and Daddy's for an extended weekend.  We've not been home in a while, so I'm looking forward to it!  And when I return, I have several posts that I've got to get out of my mind, so hang in there a little longer ... I promise I won't be permanently a thing of the past:).

For now, it is still way too hot around here, but we do have a bit cooler evenings and mornings and every now and then a cooler breeze can be felt.  Fall is my favorite season.  It really is my absolute favorite season. I am so wishing I lived in Maine right about now:(.  What I'd give for cooler weather all day.  Long walks in Fall like weather with leaves on the ground and hot chocolate in my cup!  But there are signs of Fall around here.  

lantana spilling over our front walkway

 our little pumpkin patch

and football:)

finally,  a great image on "how I do it all"
I can't even stretch after a run without a little on on my lap!!

More when we return!

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  1. Aw, it's great to hear from you, MK!! I love these Fall photos, those scarecrows are adorable!! Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip that brings you just the right recharge energy for Fall ... can't wait to hear!!