Saturday, January 1, 2011

In Case You're Wondering

Sometimes it feels like I am the only person out there who is not married to a handyman.  Don't get me wrong, I adore my husband ... maybe a little too much at times ... but sometimes I do find myself secretly wishing I'd find him painting this or that, hear him sawing away at a project or see him working in the yard.  But that just wouldn't be my husband.  So in case you're wondering why I don't have more posts on home improvement projects ... please note the above image.  Yes, that's a book in his pocket and not a hammer.

I hope all of you who have handymen in your life appreciate their handiness.  And I hope you realize what a gift it is.  For me, yes definitely, I would love to get the thousands of things done around the house that need to be done or tackle all of the many amazing ideas I have in my head, but I just have to be a little more patient than I'd like.  And while some things may never get done, and while ideas may find permanent homes in my head, I can honestly say that I love this man just the way he is ... book in pocket on vacation and all.


  1. I love this, MK!! My best friend's husband is just like this too - he's quite personable and engaging, but he can barely hammer a nail into the wall ... and mine is the opposite, he is a tinkerer through and through - he can fix even the most complex things, but with such focus that it's often to the detriment of those around him ...

    we've both often joked that if we could just fuse their 2 personalities together, we'd have the perfect man ;-)

  2. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy my husband just the way God made him.

  3. Alisa and I spoke in church today and she shared what you wrote in this blog. Then she sent me the link to your blog, and I have followed one of your links to Edie's blog whose house burned at Christmas. Both blogs were a blessing!! I have been blogging sporadically for the last year. Alisa just started too. :) My question is, how does the "follow" thing work? Here is my blog I think I know how to follow yours since you are on blogspot, but how would I follow Edie's? Hope you can answer. I am such a newby at all this technology and none of our huggable friends are doing this yet. Thanks for sharing your heart. I look forward to reading more.

  4. Hey Annette! Good to hear from you and Alisa. There is a little "subscribe" button on Edie's blog at the top right corner. She doesn't use eblogger so you won't be able to subscribe and read updates on your dashboard. But you can read updates on your Google homepage or Google reader. ALSO you can follow Life in Grace on Facebook if you're on that. For me personally, I just have her blog bookmarked and I check it via that. I've only been blogging just under a year and I am in dire need of tweaking my blog a little ... I have a better idea now of how it can be better "used" so hopefully soon I'll have a more user friendly blog for all of you:). I can't wait to stop by both of your blogs and "meet" you. I hope you had a wonderful Sabbath morning! I enjoyed so much starting the new year in God's House today!