Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today There Was Sun

(the snow is melting around here, but lots of ice is taking it's place!)

I am almost at the year mark of my first full year of blogging and I don't sleep well at night.  How's that for a first line?  I'm sure my biggest sleep issues come from the consumption of too much coffee, but I like my coffee ... need my coffee ... and I have very little other splurges in life, so the coffee's staying and I'm just going to blame my sleep issues on my very active mind that simply will not rest.  One of the things on my mind at night is this blog.  I honestly don't consider myself a "blogger" but I blog, so I am.  But I'm not.  I mean, I don't blog to meet friends (although I have).  I don't blog to get a bunch of "hits" so I can sell a certain product.  I don't blog because I have something amazing to offer the rest of the blogging world.  I have never really fit into any sort of category in life.  I don't resist them, but association with a group, more specifically a label, tends to make me nervous.  I'm not sure why ... maybe it stems from a form of insecurity or maybe my parents said something traumatic to me when I was a child that has forever left me in fear of being labeled. Yeah, I think that's it.  HA!  No, definitely not.  All that is to say that I really don't feel like the term "blogger" fits me and whenever I hear it I want to shut the whole production down.  But then I take a photo I like and I want to show it to my Momma and it just looks better here than anywhere else.  So I keep on and 5am lasts another day.

Today is Wednesday and it is our third straight "snow day."  Roads are icy, schools are closed, all seven of us are hunkering down here at 57.  And just when I thought I was about to lose my mind, the sun comes out.  Now, I enjoy a nice rainy day every now and then just as much as anyone, and I have more than enjoyed the abundant snow fall lately.  But when that sun shines through ... there is absolutely nothing like it!  We literally dropped everything and went out.  The girls are so fun to watch.  Hanson Ellis is the "smart" one coming up with all sorts of great ideas.  Parker is the "brave" one who actually tests out those ideas before HE will join in.  Patterson is just the little sister who wants so badly to be a part, but is scared to death about everything:).  And then Kate, oh Kate.  Kate is just Kate off doing her own thing and fluctuating from being perfectly content to being perfectly miserable all within the blink of an eye.  Olivia is the little one who we always forget to watch because the others seem to consume every breath we have.  Maybe that's why she yells all the time??? hmmmmm:)  Well, all the same, Olivia was napping today so I have no stories to tell of her.

Today, there is a thick covering of ice on top of the snow.  While Kate was not a fan of her feet sinking the first day of the snowfall, today she was not a fan of her feet not being able to sink and slipping instead.  :)
So I carried her from point A to point B and she pretty much just stayed and ate her lollipop wherever I dropped her off.  

The other girls enjoyed the speed and adventure sliding down hills covered in ice as opposed to snow gave them.  They first tried down our back hill ... 

here they are starting out

here they have started ... note Parker is no longer on the sled

and here is Patterson.  

Be thankful this is a still shot and not video:).  She's okay, but I'm sure the neighbors thought she had broken her leg.  Our neighbor Will once told me that our girls were not "rough, just tough."  I think they are crazy, but when you're born Southern, Female and Military and then you are a part of a big family that is primarily female ... crazy is doing pretty good:).

After the above incident, Richard had the girls move to the side of the house where we do this in the summer ....

But no slip-n-slide or sprinkler today!  There was a wonderful valley of ice on which to slide down ... either by sled or by fanny or by feet!


They had a blast!  

Today there was sun.
Thank you God for the snow that made us all the more thankful for the sun.

To God be the Glory.


  1. Isn't it fun to look at [or post] pictures of the summer in the middle of the winter with snow. I know snow is unusual for the South but still....!

  2. I do love seeing a glimpse into your family. on a daily basis!!!!
    And my opinion is that you blog as a type of journal. It's not like a diary because that would be totaly private. But you blog as a journal. And as a way to connect with your many friends and family across the US. Since you have moved around, the internet makes you feel very close to all those that you don't see on a regular basis. Much like FB makes us feel.
    I, for one, totally enjoy your blogs. And every time I read one, I click on older post at the bottom so I make sure I didn't miss one.
    I love your family and hopefully we can get together soon. Don't let the football thing bring you down!!!
    And again, I wish we lived next door. I may have to check out the houses in your neighborhood. HA.

  3. HI MK!! These photos look like so much fun!! Wish we had some decent sledding that close to home - what fun!! Can't wait to hear more, hope the snow lasts for you ;-)

  4. I read your post on Darby's blog and it was so good to hear. I seem to be like you..... I have two little girls and they can be physically draining. I sometimes think the next stage will be a little different but you reminded me that we are to be "thankful" for every stage and lean on God. Each stage I guess will bring new tasks and in different ways. Thanks for your post!!!