Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Glasses

I have just one photo on my desk.  This is it.  

It is Parker on the ottoman in our living room in Monterey, California.  Parker was a good baby.  She slept all the time.  We, on the other hand, never slept for fear that she was going to wake up.  Oh, the irony!  

Parker has always been our daughter to be off by herself doing her own thing.  Sometimes I wonder what she's up to.  Today I walked into her room and saw this.

My own cheering squad!  And look, I even won a couple of trophies:). 
I had to laugh, you know I did.  I have no idea what she was doing, but it boosted my esteem for sure! 

Parker got new glasses today.  I wish I could have had a camera to record her feet dangling and kicking as the pharmacist tried the glasses on her face.  She was so thrilled!!  It is rare that we see the cuteness of Parker's heart.  She is holds everything inside.  Very quiet.  Very reserved.  She's just going to be our late bloomer.  I get so frustrated at her lack of confidence.  
She is just like me.  
But then I know that just like me, she'll be just fine.  

Seeing her so openly happy today was sweetness in every way.
She can just be the cutest thing.  
Every now and then I see her.  Hmmmm, it is wonderful.  I am thankful for such a priceless moment. 

True joy in the trenches. 

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  1. Love this sweet post - she sounds a lot like my oldest: reserved and guarded but sweet as sweet can be - the cheering AG dolls crack me up!