Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Richard's Influence

Olivia was taking a nap.  Parker and Patterson were finishing up their President's Day presentation that they are going to, well, present to their Daddy tonight.  (I know we're a day late ... but it was a surprise and he was off yesterday, so we waited) Hanson Ellis and Kate were out back.  I walked onto the patio to tell them to come in.  Hanson Ellis was going to make some cookies for tonight's little event, and it was time for her to do that.  I look down off the patio and Hanson Ellis says, "Momma!  Kate knows how to swing by herself now!"  I have to be honest ... I have not taught her because I like to still push her.  It is nice to still be needed like that and it is a simple time that we can spend together.  Needless to say, Hanson Ellis did not share my joy in this activity, so she taught her.  She hurried Kate off the slide and tells her to show me what she can do.  I hooped and hollered on the outside, while my heart ached just a little on the inside.  Sigh, another little Davenport girl just grew up a little more.  But my heart was not aching long.  As soon as Kate was finished, she got down, looked up at me and repeated her Daddy's favorite new phrase "HIGH FIVE FOR JESUS!"  My heart was definitely smiling now:).  Love that man and love my girls!