Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Recap and a Couple of Things I Like

So mid day Friday this happened.  
At this point, I knew my weekend could only get better ... 
and it did.

It is 7:24.  I'm finishing up my 4 o'clock coffee.  I've got this on my hands.

and I'm enjoying smelling the new box of Vanilla Pear drawer liners that is on my bed that I picked up this weekend (for me and the girls).

Our weekend was fast and slow and long and short.  It was great.  We loaded up the girls into my newly damaged van and headed over to Birmingham to wish my brother Happy Birthday at his surprise 40th Birthday Party.  We always have such a fun time with Drew, Rebecca and their boys.  This weekend we even had our first pre-Spring-like weather of the year and it was just as wonderful as it could have been. Here are some photos I shot Friday and Saturday.  We've been home only a few hours and I am already planning our next trip!


Kate and Andrew

John Emmons doing his best to NOT allow me to take a photo ... I did it anyway:).

The four of us heading out to Dram's for Drew's surprise party!!  (anyone else ever had rosemary ketchup?  very, very nice.)

we just can't go "home" without getting Krispy Kreme in our bellies and on our face:)

My Daddy and Olivia!

Always the scene ... everyone piled up together on the couch ... loving John reading his book:)

nothing like a hot dog grilled out on a sunny day:)

the usual races down the driveway 

cousins are awesome:)

waaaaaaaaaay to much energy!!!

John and Olivia loved the "roller coaster"

lining up for the "parade"

Rebecca and Hanson Ellis

fun shots of my 12 yr old just weeks before she's a teenager ...

Everyone gathered around to watch Uncle Drew use a magnifying glass to set an acorn on fire.  Lovely.

Patterson peeking through the top of the fence to see if the neighbor's dog was out. 

Love this of her trying to prop Kate up for a glimpse:):):):).

Kate and Olivia on the back porch taking a break coloring and drinking Capri Suns ...
and Richard and Daddy spending some time together trying to solve the world's problems (seriously!).

Now back to the normal hustle and bustle of a new week.
Tomorrow's Valentine's Day ... we've made our Valentines.  I hope some of you have made at least one. What a fun day to demonstrate God's love for us in a tiny way to those around us!

To God be the Glory.


  1. I love your posts...they always make me happy.

  2. oh, MK, what wonderful weekend photos - what a wonderful time!! My favorite is the one of HE and Patterson, each mid-jump with their hair flying! I also LOVE that last color shot of HE's huge smile (with the jump rope pulled tight around her in her hands) - can't wait to hear how you do with the big 13, I'll be in the same boat this summer (*double sigh!) ...

    And the Krispy Kreme?! I'll be right over!

  3. Wow, i SO enjoyed looking through all these pictures-the ones of the girls in the bedroom with the pink tutus are so precious! you are so talented and have such a beautiful family. thanks for sharing!