Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Being Prepared

Do any of your children get this geared up to play in the sprinklers?  My girls have always been more than prepared when it comes to just about anything.  I recall Hanson Ellis wearing her bike helmet once when flying kites with her Gran.  Momma told her she probably didn't need that helmet.  She argued that the kite might fall down and hit her on the head, but submitted to her Gran and took it off.  Sure enough as soon as she took off the helmet, the kite literally did a nose dive and hit her right on the top of her head!  Momma and I still laugh about this, and Hanson Ellis still says, "See, I told you you never know what might happen.  It's always best to be prepared!"  And prepared they all are ... even when it comes to running in the sprinklers.  I found this photo today of Parker from 2007.  It just cracks me up!

Even though it is just the first day of this separation, I am already focusing on seeing Richard again.  I went to the YMCA today to work on getting prepared for Richard's block leave in July.  We're hoping to find an affordable beach house somewhere (suggestions??), as we've only been to the beach as a family ONCE ... as in just for the day.  So, I want to prepare the best I can for that.  Although somehow,  I don't think I could ever look as cute as Parker does here:).


  1. I can totally understand the preparedness. Love it!!!
    Where are you looking to go? Florida? or a beach in Texas?

    I totally love your family. Your girls are great!!!

  2. Grayton Beach State Park...Prayers for your family and especially for husbands safe return!!!