Thursday, April 7, 2011

Horse Girl Meets Groupon

So how's that for a title?
The above is not our horse girl, btw, I just really like it.  
Okay, if you remember, I have a girl who is a dog lover.  You might remember this post as well as this one.    Well, this dog lover is also a horse girl.  And to give you a little background, here are some old images I dug up this morning.

first horse ride (she's on front)

Second birthday

first time on a horse at Camp Davenport

Fourth Birthday

wearing her cowboy hat to meet her Daddy at the airport

Sixth birthday party at the Stables

Okay, so now you're all caught up.  Yes, Patterson loves horses.  She didn't not get this gene from me.  They are big, dangerous and smelly to me.  But I love Patterson, so when I saw a Groupon for two hour lessons for 45$, I got my wallet and started entering my debit card number.  (note, I actually got these lessons for 30 dollars with two other discounts I qualified for ... such a steal!! If you haven't tried Groupons/Living Social coupons in your area you're missing out.) 
Yesterday was her first lesson.  She enjoyed every minute!  The instructor even commented how she could handle twice the length of lessons most seven year olds could take.  Great! I think.  Wait, so how much is this all going to cost me in the end?  I'll think about that later.  For now, here are some shots from yesterday.  Kate joined Richard, Patterson and me.  She whined for 45 minutes how she wanted to get on the horse and when she finally had her chance, she reminded us all of how she is "female" with her reply of "no!" Lovely, Kate.  Lovely.

I love this of the horse, Sam, loving on her:).

Sam telling Kate "hello."  She, pulling away:).

Now she's talking to him!


  1. Great photos, as always! Love Patterson's smile in all the pictures -- such pure delight!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness- Kate and Patterson in their little jeans & boots... stop it!!!! So cute. Looks like such a fun time for Patterson- I also love the one of the horse snuggling up to her. :)

  3. oh, MK, these photos are to die for ... love them ALL! so so so stinkin' cute!!!