Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not Just Grey

Okay, so not to depress you all too much after my last post ... the point was even in the grey there is light ... and it is beautiful.

I am learning that more and more each day.  Remember in You've Got Mail where she's typing and describing her feelings and she stops and says "blank" while pretending to draw a line in the air??  That's a great image of me right now.  Just blank.  I decided yesterday that that was the way that it was, but there was good still.  So I grabbed my camera and went outside with Richard and the girls before dinner to find/document that good.  I love these images.  Just happy little girls having fun. Beautiful light in the grey!


  1. Your girls are so, so pretty. And your pictures capture their JOY!!

    Take care!!

  2. i just love these photos, mk - so so pretty!! and wow am i ever envious of your full-fledged spring weather down there ... still very chilly here no matter how you slice it: 60 degrees/sunny one day and 40 degrees/rainy the next :-(