Saturday, May 28, 2011

He's Back!

Richard was able to get an extra day off for the weekend.
The girls were clueless and are enjoying every minute!
It's funny how when it is just the six of us we seem so incomplete.
Super nice to be the seven of us again.

Being that it is Memorial Day weekend, I can't help but count the blessing of his presence all the more.

Remembering all of those who've made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as those they've left behind.
May they never ever be forgotten.


  1. So very thankful for Richard and the other's that sacrifice so much for us! We can truly enjoy this weekend because of them and in remembrance of those who keep fighting for the freedom to do so. Thank you for your always loving support for our country with the sacrifice you give of your other half. Enjoy your time! May it be very very special! :)