Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Before

Today Hanson Ellis had her expander put in.  It is the first step in her orthodontic journey.  She'll be getting braces on in possibly three weeks.  She has dreaded this moment.  Maybe I was weird, but I was thrilled to get my braces!  Okay, don't comment on that:).  Hanson Ellis has not been looking forward to this day and so I have not been looking forward to this day.  I guess my emotions are just on a high level right now because when they had me come back to see her hardware installed and show me how to turn the key I literally almost passed out!  So not a Spartan moment:).  Surely it was because I didn't have any coffee before we left the house!  I'm almost positive that was the reason:).  But Hanson Ellis ... she has been amazing.  Such a trooper, smiling all day and really just positive about it all.  We talked last night about how we live in a fallen world so we have these little issues of crooked teeth and our jaws not closing properly.  We also talked about how blessed we are to have a God that gives us ways to repair the sin (orthodontics) and goes beyond that in making it a fun experience!  (where she is going is a super place that has all sorts of incentives for the kids and game rooms, movie rooms, free ice cream, popsicles and coffee for me:)!)  It was nice to talk about how God is so good always, down to the very last detail.  It was such a blessing to sit on her bed and see her smile and talk with her about some of the attributes of God and just see her peacefulness and strength in it all.  

Richard and I also talked about it last night.  He mentioned how great our Country is, in that there are many that "hey, forget crooked teeth, some people don't even have any teeth" because dental care is just not up there on the priority list!  America is a very blessed nation.  Richard knows it better than I.  He's seen so much of the rest of the world first hand.  It is sad how far we've gotten from God and how many blessings we have taken for granted here ... or have decided are rights, rather than privileges.  

So here we go.  Hanson Ellis started a new journey today.  The above is the very hastily took before photo (one day I AM going to be organized again!).  I can't wait to look back at this in a couple of years.  I'm sure the time will be over before we know it!  
Love this girl!

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  1. Beautiful H.E.!! :) I was THRILLED and couldn't WAIT to get braces as well :)