Sunday, August 21, 2011


I took the image above today while at a stoplight on our way to church.
Our youngest, Olivia, will be three tomorrow.
Olivia is such a funny little kid and we love her so!!

Richard was in Egypt when she turned one.  
He was home last year.
He is in Texas this year. 
He'll be in Afghanistan next year. 

You might say that at this age it doesn't matter that much if he misses three out of the first four birthdays.  
I don't know, maybe not.  However, when you think that it's not just the birthdays but two and a half years out of her first four and a half years of life, it changes things a bit.  

I tell you what sweet girl, when you turn five your Daddy's going to be there and we're gonna throw you a super party!!  

Life is a gift and we will celebrate it tomorrow. 

Missed Birthdays ... another part of our sacrifice.


  1. :( Don't like the missed birthdays. But I can't believe she is 3. She was just that little baby in the carrier when you first started coming to Midway. What a sweet girl this one is. And what a personality. And my birthday is Saturday. I'll be a few more than 3. About 37 years more than 3. UGH!!!