Monday, September 5, 2011

Bounce Back Weekend

(this is the photo before everyone thought I was taking the photo.  love the truthfulness of this!!)

Several years ago a chain of hotels used to advertise "Bounce Back Weekends."  Do any of you remember these?  I don't remember all of the details but the basic idea was to take a mini break just for the weekend by staying at a local or semi local hotel.  I believe it was around $99 for a two night stay, basically saying, "Hey for under one hundred dollars you can take a break and 'bounce back' to your motivated self come Monday."

This weekend has sort of been like a Bounce Back weekend for us here at 57.  My brother and his family had already planned to come over and celebrate Olivia's birthday and watch the opening game of the season with us, and then when Richard got an opportunity to come home, it just made it all the better.

I have laughed so hard and so much this weekend!  The Bible says "A cheerful heart is good medicine." (Proverbs 17.22a)  Yes, it is.  My motivation level has skyrocketed this weekend and I'm looking forward to more weekends like this one to come.  It is so nice to be able to spend a weekend with family without the exhaustion of distance.  The single reason we are in GA now is because we had lived 11 years being no closer to family than a nine and a half hour drive.  Richard saw the opportunity to get us closer and he took it.  His assignment here was not his favorite at all.  The hour commute was not high up on his list either (especially since the a/c went out in his car).  But he'll tell you that he is so thankful that he chose this assignment for our family.  Getting a chance to develop a deeper relationship with my brother's wife and having the opportunity to allow our children to get to know their cousins and make memories with them has truly been priceless and worth every inconvenience.  I am anxious to be a family again with Richard and to be a part of the military community again, but I am more than content to get a few more months here at 57 before then.  I am going to miss my Sister in Law so much when we do move!  And those sweet boys!! Ummmm ... they are just going to have to come visit us lots.  But for now I'm just going to enjoy the rest of our time here.  And really that won't be too hard to do.  57 seems like home to us and I really have a hard time remembering sometimes that it's not.  Lots of birthdays celebrated in the dining room.  Lots of fun times on the zip line in the backyard.  Pretty neat.

So thankful for a super weekend.  Simple, but super.  Blessings we don't deserve, and that I will not take for granted!

God always more than provides ...
Looking forward to a new week!

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