Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love Letters

I have to tell you that being an Army Wife isn't all gloom and doom.  Yes, our husbands are gone from time to time and sometimes in very dangerous places, but b/c of so much separation, little lost habits tend to reappear and get new life.  One such thing ... love letters.  

As I waited (very patiently, I might add) all night for a text from Richard, I decided after the millionth check of my phone just to make sure I didn't miss a text (told you I was being patient ... I only checked a million times!) I decided I'd write Richard deployment letter number two.  When I was finished I proudly read my words over again and then folded the letter neatly.  I then decided I had enough motivation to tackle the laundry.  When I was about half way through the piles I heard a text come through.  AH!  I knew it!!  My devotion and patience paid off.  I was finally getting the text I'd waited for all night.  And of course I'll share it with you.  This is what my most wonderful, loving husband text ...
"Just finished our (such and such) training.  It was fun."

 Ok.  That's good, I thought.  Glad things are going well.  But where's the good stuff?  Be patient, I told myself.  He probably has a bunch of guys around ... he'll text back.  So I waited.  And I waited ... folded some more clothes and waited some more.  Yep, you guessed it.  That was it.  I didn't get another text from him.  

Ahhhh, the life I live.  I know that man loves me:) ... and I treasure all those crazy random texts. He does write me, and he will email more in depth when he's able.  But the random texts out of nowhere ... those are his love letters, too.  And It's good to be the girl back home that's receiving them!  I love that he thinks to share little random, seemingly meaningless things with me.  I really do.  And I love that separation gives us a chance to fall in love through words all over again and to appreciate not just the little things, but everything.

And in other news of the day, Olivia was the line leader at school today.  She was so excited she blurted out "I'm the line leader!" en-route this morning:).  When I picked her up she said she did "a GREAT job!" I asked her if she practiced writing her name at school.  She replied, "No.  I ate my lunch.  I'll write my name tomorrow."  
Sounds like a plan. 

Today was a good day! 

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