Friday, September 30, 2011

Psalm 63.7

So it is the end of day 5 for me, the beginning of day 6 for him.
The girls and I are plugging away at life and once we got through the first 24 hours, I don't think we've had time to even think of missing a beat.  I've never been so busy before in my life!  But busy isn't that bad in these types of situations and being busy with a purpose is probably even just a little better.  We've had preschool, dance, doctor's appointments, and play-dates etc.  I even had a first meeting with a realtor today to start the process of getting our house ready to go on the market. (and if you are praying for our family, please pray that this house will sell!!) So yes, life is continuing on here 57 and I am thankful for it.

It's late and the girls are all in bed.  It is cool out (finally) and so there is not even the sound of the a/c running.  Only the very, very faint hum of the computer and the sound of the keys as I type.  I wrote in one of my letters to Richard that sometimes I just like to stop and sit and think about him.  I like to try and remember certain conversations we had and as well as the expression on his face at various times.  I'm sitting here doing that right now.  And one of the first thoughts I had was of a FaceTime conversation that we recently had when I told him ...

"Hey, I think I'm not going to cut my hair while you're deployed."
"Really? Wow.  How long do you think it'll get?"
"I don't know, maybe like Crystal Gale or something."

I said it in a very matter of fact way.  I knew he would have NO idea who she was.  Music is not Richard's thing.  And I was right ...

"Hmmm.  Who is that?"
"You don't know?"
"Look her up."

So he grabs his iphone and looks her up while I wait.  Then he looks at me and we both crack up:).  It was an awesome moment.  I guess at the time we were both just dreading him leaving and not being able to say goodbye in person again, that it made the moment all the more funny.

I enjoy remembering things like this.  I enjoy the encouragement that laughter can bring, even if it is only the memory of laughter late at night in a quiet house.

It's been a busy week, but a good week.  And to be honest, it's been better than I ever thought it would.  I've said it before, but I am learning it in new ways this week;  that God is faithful, and even more faithful that we can possibly grasp at times.  A big question always asked in the Army is "Do you have a good support group?"  Oh how many times have I wanted to laugh and say "What?  I haven't got anybody!"  That is so true of me again this go around.  I'm not near his unit.  I'm not on a military installation where I can link up with other military spouses.  I don't have family that can come help.  I don't have the option of moving back home.  Every homeschool group I've tried here in Georgia has failed for one reason or another and as far as friends here, well, everybody's sort of got their own thing going on already.  And I'm not complaining, I'm just trying to illustrate the point of my isolation.  I learned this week, though, that I am not alone.  God is here with me and He is my help.  I was so encouraged by a handful of godly women this week that I really, really was just blown away.   Only one was actually here in town, but others sent me little notes and words of encouragement at just the right moment and I truly have felt the prayers of the faithful lifting me up and carrying me through the past week.  And you know what?  I never would have imagined it in all my life.  I cut God's faithfulness off.  I put a limit on it this week.  Yet He is more faithful than we can every imagine or grasp Him to be.

I miss my PSYOPER so much!  I yearn to talk to him longer than 10 seconds and/or to have a real conversation via text or email.  But I have been so blessed this week.  It really has been very neat!

Giving thanks tonight for a week of joy in the trenches.

Praying for those missing the arms of the ones they love tonight.
May all our troops come home soon.

"Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wing."  Psalm 63.7

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