Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hard But Beautiful

Life is beautiful ... even when it's hard.

I love these shoes of Patterson's.  They are happy shoes.  They are statement shoes.  
These shoes are the kind that make an outfit.  
Patterson can put on any old pair of jeans and just a plain with t-shirt and yet when she slips on these shoes, the outfit goes from everyday ordinary to cute ... in one simple step.   I think we all need at least one accessory like these shoes.  And even more, I think we all need to find the one "special" in our days that take our focus off the hard and turn it to the beautiful.  

Today Richard's R&R came to an end.  Our 15 days as a family together is over.  
He is on the first leg of his journey back to Logar Provence and tomorrow the girls and I have one last day to recoup from our "break" before we hit it hard.  The next eight months for us will be filled with the usual school and dance activities, but 57 is now on the market and so we have the added "sell our house" on our to do list, as well as actually move to our next duty station and get settled this summer before he returns.  I honestly don't know how God is going to make everything happen, but I rejoice in knowing that He will.  That said, I am well aware that while things always fall into place, they don't always fall perfectly or without breaking.  

So tonight I pray that God will never let me forget what a gift each day is ... even the hard days.  I pray that He will remind me that He is not a cruel god or a god without compassion.  As a sweet friend posted on FB today, "He is close to the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds."  What a comfort these words are! I am not alone.  God is near.  And the battle wounds Richard, the girls and I have acquired from the craziness of war will be with us even after wartime, but they will be healed.  

Jesus is the special in my days.  It is He who takes my focus off the hard, and turns it to the beautiful.

Bring on August!!
To God be the Glory.

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  1. oh my word. Tears are in my eyes. I'm waiting for something special at the end of April and it seems sooo long. And you have to wait until August. Prayers and hugs, sweet friend.