Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bubble Gum

I am always so over cold weather once January rolls around.
Being that today was the first day of January, I was oh so delighted to have such a mild sunny day.

My brother and his family came for a visit over the weekend.  Before they left today we had the ritual zip line time.  While I was standing around waiting for everyone to take their turn, I noticed Patterson blowing bubbles with her gum.  I thought that girl loves gum like no other! So, I thought I'd snap a photo or two of her chewing and blowing away.  As soon as I got my camera out (of course) she couldn't muster up one measly bubble.  Figures:).  But I got a minute with a sweet little eight year old who is dreading saying goodbye to her Daddy again.  It was nice to just love on her by focusing on her.  It was nice to see her smile too.  I wish I could keep that smile!!  But I know she's gotta deal with her frustration in her own way.  I can pray for her, though, and I rejoice for that gift!  I think I'll also print some of these out for her ... to remind her of the many simple joys life has to offer, like chewing bubble gum.  And to remind her of the gift of her Daddy's visit for Christmas and the time she got to spend with him.  Patterson was the only one to ask her Daddy to go for a walk and reached out her hand to hold his and held it the whole time!  I hope these photos will also remind her that she is never overlooked or forgotten by her Daddy or me.  I know I am extra busy when Richard is gone, but I always seem to catch little things the girls do and I always try to let them know I noticed.  

Bubble gum. 
It really drives me crazy sometimes how she is always pestering everyone she sees for a piece of gum.  But today, I was glad she has this obsession.  What a sweet moment I had with her!  
God is so good.

Happy New Year's everyone.  
I hope God opens the eyes of your heart to more of His mercies this year!
May we all seek to honor Him in our hearts in new ways.
To Him be the glory!

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