Saturday, January 7, 2012


It is January.  
The past two days we've had temps in the mid 60's.  
Absolute Heaven!!

Okay, at least it is for me, for this particular year.  I think one thing I dreaded most about Richard being gone was being without him in January.  Poor January!  It always gets such a bad rap, doesn't it?!  I usually don't mind, but being home all day in dreary weather is bad enough with the expectation of Richard coming home at the end of the day.  But being home all day in dreary weather with him not coming home is a huge dread of mine.  And then snow.  Oh, the prospect of snow was almost too much for me to think about.  Not really sure why ... I just needed sunshine I guess this go around.  I am so happy God has blessed us with not only that, but amazing weather.  It was so fun taking the girls to the community playground yesterday afternoon.  Seeing Patterson work on her new skates and Kate testing her skills on her bike without training wheels was just delightful.  Fresh air and sunshine ... amazing for the soul!  

Today we had two viewings of 57, so what did we do?  Chick fil a (if you know us, then you know we gotta get that in) and back to the playground. 
I got absolutely nothing done today that I "needed" to, but it was a perfect day.

Richard emailed today and said he "was in the right place at the right time" and got a flight back to his FOB in Afghanistan.  That's all he said, other than he'd call when he got to a phone, but I could tell he had already switched gears and was motivated to get back to work.  I miss him, but it made me smile to know he didn't get stuck in Kuwait and that his morale was up.  Love that soldier of mine.
Our cups are still overflowing! 


  1. Such special girls, including momma!

  2. Praying for you. I am also loving the warm temps. I find it easier to be sweet when I have had some time outside....especially a run.