Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Budrow!

Funny.  You know I had thought I'd put together this amazing post for Richard for his birthday.  But now that I sit down to compose this post ... all I am is quiet inside.

There is so much I could say, so much I could write ... I even gathered an entire file worth of images to include ...
However, all I really feel like saying is "I love you."

So, Happy Birthday Budrow!  I am so amazed daily with who you are.  You have brought so much joy into my life ... so much peace, confidence and laughter.  You are a perfect Daddy to our girls and nothing warms my heart more than to see them stand, sit and walk as close to you as they can.  You are so patient with them and if I could just once have the gentleness in discipline that you have, I'd be so much better of a Momma.  I look forward to having you walk through the door at the end of the day again.  I look forward to the shouts of "Daddy!!" filling the house.  I look forward to you putting your arm around Hanson Ellis, to you telling Parker and Patterson make up stories before bed, to you giving Kate "big bear hugs" and smootchin' sweet Olivia on her tiny little cheek.

Happy Birthday to my best friend and that person who always tells me to "come look at the stars."

Happy Birthday to the one who reminds me to keep my eyes on Jesus and to remember that "God's got a plan."

I pray your day is safe.  I pray your day is productive.  I pray your day is happy.
I pray your day, even though it is spent in a combat zone in Afghanistan, is special ... because you make life special for the girls and me always.

I love you Richard, and I am so proud of you and thankful for you.
Looking forward to celebrating this day again, together, in September when we cheer on the Tide in Texas!

You're the Best!!
Happy Birthday, Richard.
Happy, Happy Birthday.

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  1. So sweet! Happy birthday to your husband!!!