Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who Left the Lights on in the Van?!

This morning I loaded up an Easter Party ready preschooler in a van that had a dead battery.  
Yep, someone had left the lights on last night when they went to get something out.  

I then unloaded my Easter Party ready preschooler.  

Things just sort of went downhill from there. 
Life was not glamorous today at all.

And while there are so many sweet and thankful posts about amazing things God is doing in people's lives ... I just want to say that it was a blessing to be alive today and make it to afternoon swim lessons.  Seeing Olivia hold her mouth WIDE OPEN... as if to take in a big breath ... before submerging her whole head under water only to resurface and give me an enthusiastic thumbs up, was priceless.  I'm sure that's not that noteworthy to anyone but me:), but what is noteworthy is that I learned a lot about God's provision in that one quick moment.  

Life is hard and full of crazy frustrations, but it is precious and I am thankful God keeps my eyes open to the little things. 

A friend I admire greatly once sent me the following verse. 
And I now have the reference written in a little tiny bird shaped frame by my computer. 

"For a righteous man falleth seven times, and riseth up again; But the wicked are overthrown by calamity." Proverbs 24:16

Praise be to God, whose Word guides our life!


  1. We all have "those days." And it is much harder when you are tackling them alone. But, even in our darkest moments, God is there shining His light to show us the way. Praying you have a non-eventful day! :)

  2. So sorry about the morning but glad your day got better.