Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still Swinging ...

I have absolutely loved the weather this year!  I feel personally blessed by it ... as if God is making it sunny, breezy and 70 just for me.  Whatever the reason for the weather, I am thankful.  We need the rain to make things grow, but there is nothing like light.  Sort of reminds me of all of life ... we all have moments of rain and our faith is certainly strengthened during those times! But even when it storms, God's light in us is more powerful than the dark and cannot be put out or go unnoticed.

Everyone is drawn to the light.  Even a child is happier when the days are bright!  May we remember this and make every opportunity to let God's light shine through us and be His light in this world.  After all, it is what He has commanded us to do ... even when it is raining in our lives.

With a year of separation behind us and a move on the horizon, we are starting to feel a shift in this deployment.  We have just a few months to go, but a lot to hang in there and complete before this chapter of our lives comes to a close.  Things have been a bit more stressful than normal, but we are still swinging here at 57.

I am so thankful for the gentle reminders God gives me daily through my sweet girls.  They are so much stronger than I could ever imagine to be.  My little heros:).  They've certainly got the "joy, joy, joy, joy down in their hearts" and are such a light in their Daddy's and my life.

"Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in Heaven." Matthew 5.16

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  1. Was thinking about you again today. I remember posting a comment several months ago about waiting. At the time, I was waiting until April for a "big" event in my life. Well, I'm a week away. I hope you the time flies for you and your precious girls from now until August. :)